sims 2 graphic rules cannot find game apk
#1 23-07-2019 
I recently woke up to my sims 2 game application missing from my cpu, so i downloaded one that leefish posted and got my game back going. unfortunatly i was getting way more frequent crashing, so opend graphic rules and it says cannot find appliction. My texture memory is 1024 when it is normally 4000+, I included pics thanks so much Big Grin

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#2 23-07-2019 
Instead of uploading those pictures, the "Information we need" paragraph at the bottom of the page suggests that you upload the actual config-log.txt file itself, and that you tell us what Operating System you are using. I'm very sorry to say this, but we can't do much to help if you don't give us at least the information we really need.

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Sorry about that here is the complete config log and my dxiag

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#4 23-07-2019 
Hi and thank you,

First you said that your sims 2 application was missing, and you downloaded a new one. Then you say that the Graphics Rules Maker ALSO says that the application is missing. I suppose that this is because your new TS2 game is not installed in the same place where the old one was. The best way to deal with this, is to uninstall the Graphics Rules Maker, and install it again. If your installation of The Sims 2 went correctly, the new installation of GRM should find the correct location and will no longer say "Application not found".
But I'm also worried about whether the TS2 installation went all correctly at this point. I cannot put my finger on it, yet...

I see at least one thing that's not right in your settings, though. Your DXDiag says that you have 4563 MB of Display Memory, but according to your config-log, the game believes it can use 8160 MB as texture memory. That is bound to go wrong ALL the time. Therefor the program will not accept the settings in the Graphics Rules, and will use default numbers that are sure to work properly. Hence the 1024 MB!

Your solution to this is to find the setting in the Graphics Rules Maker that deals with Texture Memory (I don't know which that is or where to find it, because I would never use that program. I edit the file EP9/TSData/Res/Config/Graphics Rules myself, with a text editor) and make sure that it does NOT give your game more than 4563 MB of Texture Memory. If you decide to use a text editor as well, the line to change is somewhere around line 48. It currently says "seti textureMemory 8160". Change that number to read no more than 4563 !!!

When that is changed, you should try running the game again. Don't play too much, but just start the game, open a household, save and quit, and then upload the newest version of the config-log.txt. We do NOT need a new DxDiag file, though. Only the config-log will be fine, this time Big Grin


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