Deleting clothing/hair from inside CAS/TBS save?
#1 19-08-2019 
it's me again with another question Angel

From my understanding Clothing/hair files come always with a mesh and a recolor and the thing shown in the catalog is actually the recolor. So if I would delete it there it shouldn't break any of my other files right? (just leave the mesh files as an orphan which I could check later with DDO). If the meshes don't show up in CAS/TBS anyways then I wouldn't risk deleting a masterfile needed right?

I know if you do that with recolors in buy/build mode you could end up deleting more than you thought because several recolors could be in the same file. Is that also the case for bodyshop items?

I always have backups so nothing is ever completely lost just wondering if I can sort out some things I don't like this way or if I should better write down the tooltip and then look for the file and delete that.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!
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#2 12-10-2019 
Yes, you can delete hairs/clothes in bodyshop/CAS and it will only delete that one color as long as it hasn't been bundled together, usually people don't upload their bundles though so it should be save.

That said clothes and hair can also be slaved, for example clothing sets for multiple ages usually are made so that adult recolors are the actual texture files and then child, teen, elder are slaved to it so those files don't contain the texture and pull it from the adult files instead, if you deleted the adult texture then the other ages would show up without texture (so basically what you'd see would be skin texture over the mesh shape) instead and you'd have to delete them too separately.

#3 12-10-2019 
thanks for the info, especially the word "bundled" was helpful I didn't know about that. Already checked my files for keywords like master or slave but this one was new to me. Will keep that in mind for the future and keep files with that word outside my dl folder when deleting ingame. It's also helpful to understand not only the dynamics but how it's usually done by creators so thanks for explaining that to me Heart


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