TS2 Disc version, Win8 not starting with DirectX message
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My game is refusing to start... first time I click the icon it gives me a warning about not being able to find Direct X. Second time it opens the game, but sits on the title screen and doesn't load.

It was working the other day and I haven't touched the download folder or anything else since. Clearing the cache files doesn't work either.

I run Windows 8, I have all EPs and SPs installed from original discs, with a no CD crack so I can start it without the disc. Config logs are attached.

Any Ideas?

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Hi @decat,

To avoid confusion, I've removed the other config-log.txt, because it was over a year old and therefor totally irrelevant.
I remember you! Last time we spoke, in Februari 2018, you were running under Win10. Good of you to downgrade to Win8. I imagine that gives a lot less problems. Sad to see that you have a problem again.

Unfortunately, at this moment, I see nothing weird in your config-log.txt. So I would like you to try the following:
1. Shut your computer down, and then start it up again.
2. Go to your TS2 Logs folder, and delete ALL the files there.
3. Try to start the game.

If the game still doesn't run, try to run the DxDiag program and attach the resulting output file, please.

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Re-install DX9. I had a HP gaming machine that did this, with Win 8.1Pro. Just keep a copy of the DX9 install in a folder where you know where it is, and re-install it when it does that. I found going from an external monitor, to the laptop display is one of the things that triggered this.

Let us know.

Make sure you back up your entire, EA Games folder in "Documents", to either a high capacity flash drive, or an external hard drive, so you don't have to start completely from scratch, if you need to re-install the game.

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Hi, thanks for the help, I re-installed Direct X 9 and it seems to be working! thank you!

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You're welcome. Keep it handy. BTW... Welcome to the pond!Smile


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