Sims 2 Ultimate Collection DirectX 09 error code. Please Help!
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Hi, my name is Robyn, and I've been trying to get my Sims 2 ultimate collection to work. See, I brought a new computer, a Lenovo Y545, and for some reason I cannot get it to run. I've tried nearly everything from downloading graphic cards to the video graphic card. I even downloaded the graphic card engin this site has and nothing works. Please, I've tried to get help on the EA site but no one has even looked at my thread. I really want to play on my new windows 10.

As for the sims 2, I have added the -w method and while it does load fine and goes to the windowed mode, mouse scrolling does not work. Please...can someone help me. I want to play my game again....I just need help with directions as well, as I am bad with tehcnology...

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Hi Robyn,

I understand your pain. But, if you've read @Kunder's response to your question directed at him personally in the other thread, I think you will know what I'm going to say.

Now, you didn't attach at least a config-log.txt file as is normally required for questions asked in this section. So we cannot see what your game itself thinks of your setup. But maybe that isn't important anymore. Because even without that, it is safe to say that -- since a certain Win10 update in October 2018 -- the environment has become extremely TS2-unfriendly. Every Win10 update since then has only made it worse, and every update from now on will make it progressively harder.
And the newer hardware isn't helping, either. The old game just doesn't know how to talk to those youngsters anymore.

That said, if you want to get the best out of this thread, you *will* at least have to give us a look at your config-log.txt, and preferrably also your dxdiag.txt. Because, no matter how much we might want to, without the information that those files offer we can't do ANYTHING to help.

So if you want more specific help (for whatever that's worth), please provide that information, and we'll see what we can do. But don't expect all that much anymore, please, because the chances for disappointment are growing by the day.

Good luck,


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I feel so sorry for Robyn. Sad

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Agreed! I feel sorry for all players who need to rely on newer hardware AND Win10, as a result of having no choice. Some people just can't afford to have two systems, and the new one is what they need for their studies or job. And just like Win7 will become hard to maintain as Micro$oft abandons it in a couple months, I'm sure that Win8.x is going to be buried soon after that. And soon there will no longer be a market for win7 or 8.x compatible video cards anymore. And then it's truly over.

There was a game, "Outpost", that I liked to play. It worked on WfW3.11, '95, '98, 'ME and with some work even on 'XP. But I can't get any of these windows versions to work properly anymore, for various different reasons. So now I'm forced to use Win7 or above, and the game will just not install anymore!
So I know the pain of not being able to play as a result of "progress". It hurts, BADLY!

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Yes. That's why we have "retro" gaming, and machines, so popular now (at least, here in the U.S.).

I'm very fortunate as I got into the computer game VERY early (1977/78), and stuck with it. However, unlike older DOS/Win3.11, computers that will run Win7, will be around for MANY, many years, making "Retro" playing of TS2, practical, AND more modern laptops (post 2007) are FAR better quality, than previous computers of any sort (all is *NOT* lost Big Grin).
This is why I advocate older machines, and not necessarily, that much older. I still use XP on a couple old machines. I even have one that runs DOS 6.22/Win3.1.

When Microshaft stops support for Win7, that isn't a "Death Knell", and I will continue using it. As long as your applications run on it, and as long as you can still surf the internet, it will be useful. Just make sure you keep your Win7 protected with good AV, like AVAST!, and good Malware protection, like MalwareBytes, you'll be fine. As a matter of fact, most Win7 updates over the last couple years, have been largely useless.
I haven't even updated my Win7, in the last 18 months, and have had ZERO issues, BUT , my systems are WELL protected.

For those of you, who have computers that WILL run TS2 well, Here's a piece of advice:

KEEP your TS2 "Simmer" clean, well cared for, and well maintained.
Do *NOT* abandon it when you get that new machine, with the latest "Bells, and Whistles". Keep the battery in good condition, and don't lose the charger.
Put a few Dollars/Pounds/Euros/Rubles/etc. back, in case you need a part for it, in the future.
Store your software, on a medium not prone to deterioration (external HDD, etc.).

You can get a "Simming machine" for as little as $40 USD. In time, you'll be able to either get them even cheaper, or maybe even for FREE.

I guess it all boils down to how badly you want to play TS2.

Me? I enjoy it enough to keep good machines for it, and am always looking for the newest machine that will run Win7, or Win8.1Pro, and TS2, with no issues (I think I've found that machine). I think @BoilingOil, has also found it. Maybe he's willing to share his system specs? Smile

There are MANY people STILL using XP machines, as their "DD". NO reason WHATSOEVER to abandon Win7, at LEAST for a secondary computer! Especially, a laptop. I personally don't like having more than one desktop system around, due to their size. However, a laptop can be stored quite easily, out of the way. THAT'S the primary reason I went to them exclusively, since 2010. That's also why I can have so many of them.
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My point is, though, that hardware standards keep changing, evolving. At some point the hardware required to replace whatever breaks, will no longer be available. It will have been replaced with stuff that is *not* compatible with the old software, or that doesn't even fit the old slots anymore. When that happens, it'll be hard -- if not impossible -- for all but a few die-hards to keep their system going. What if the CPU burns out and I can't find another that fits the old mobo?

Not everyone can afford -- be it due to space, or to finances -- to keep old machines going while getting newer material required to keep up with the continuously changing technology and standards. In the current *financial* climate, I could probably afford to maintain one or two older systems. Maybe even easily. But due to limited space, I just cannot afford to keep them around! Not to mention the spare parts... If a time comes when I need or want a new machine to keep up with technology, I will be *required* to get rid of what still works well *now*. And getting myself a bigger place is no option... I'm not THAT rich!

No, when Win7 is no longer supported, I'll grant you that it will not *immediately* mean that those machines stop working. But in time, even in spite of the most rigorous maintenance schedules, parts will deteriorate or simply break, old software standards will be replaced by newer ones, new software will not be compatible with the old hardware or unsupported OS... Not all at once, and maybe not all in the first 2 or 3 years. But it will happen.

Try installing a game that was made for a 16-bit OS, on a modern 64-bit system. Try to get a program that was made to use the first versions of QuickTime, to work on a modern system that doesn't know what to do with that ancient QT installer. Sure, a lot of old programs can still be made to work. But there is enough that no longer works to support what I'm saying. And you said it yourself with regards to TS2: at some point the amount of work required to even get it to play in an acceptable fashion, will be more trouble than it's worth.

For now, my system (a desktop) works. It's a little over a year since I had it built, and history has taught me that it may be another 4 or 5 years before something irreplaceable breaks. So I don't want to dwell on what may come in a couple of years. I don't want to live in fear all that time, but I'm a realist; this isn't built for eternity. Nothing is.


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