I need your best wishes for good luck
#1 19-09-2019 
Hello, how are you?

I don't know if you knew, but since October I had started a job.
Permanent contract in the State (hospital - pathological anatomy), so I worked safely forever (I'm 30 years old).

Unfortunately, it did not go well, I was not happy with some colleagues and above all (doctors).
It had become hell, they had it with me for so many things, often invented (let's say a little mobbing, even if they tried to make it very veiled, anyway they spoke very badly behind me, everyday).
They said that the State always hires those who can do nothing, that I was a problem, that I was ugly, that I had Asperger's syndrome.

It was a small place physically but with so many people, I was terribly ill. Many people were screaming, many were really exhausted. There wasn't even a window.
I couldn't do it anymore, physically and psychologically, and I resigned in March, after 6 months.

I went to the mental health center, they diagnosed me with social anxiety and depression but only from tomorrow I start some psychotherapy sessions.

In spite of everything, now I feel a little better and I tried to re-apply (there is a law of the public service to request to be hired again). The problem is that the hospital must now decide, like a private employer, whether it wants to recover me or not, it is not automatic.
To recover, there is need of the vacancy (there are still 2 job vacancies but I don't know within how much they put them back to look for new employees) and that tfor them I'm actually "useful".

They have 60 days, the first 30 have passed.

I think they put another person in my place in that department, so since the hospital is very large I shouldn't happen again in that hellish place, I hope...

Give me good luck wishes, it's a terrible wait Sad With only my mother's pension we can't go on, we can hardly pay the rent, we even asked for a loan a few months ago to move forward and now I don't even know how to pay it (I will probably become a bad payer).
In addition, my father starts having vision problems, cataracts and another degenerative disease, so he will sooner or later also lose sight.

2019 is really a terrible year

#2 20-09-2019 
That all sounds extremely rough, dear. Prayer is not one of my things, but I do wish and hope that better times will come for you and your family.

#3 20-09-2019 
Well, prayer is one of my things, so I'm sending them up for you.

#4 21-09-2019 
Dear Deb, I know how hard all this has been for you and I hope that you are rehired either by the hospital or some other company who will see what a jewel you are.

Never believe anyone who calls you ugly or strange. The problem is them, not you. You are diligent and competent and committed and loyal and a true friend. All of those qualities will last you a lifetime and will always be valued by anyone who appreciates how rare those qualities are.

Huge hugs, I love you my little Italian fish. Heart

#5 21-09-2019 
Heart Praying madly! Heart

#6 21-09-2019 
...sending love and courage to you, dear Debbie! Heart

We don't know one another so well, we also are far from one another: never mind!

That kind of "light" friendship might sometimes be important, too! (with the few kind words here and there; it's always some bonus 'positive energy' in life, I think?)

Hoping the best for you! Wink


edit: ...indeed, I too experienced - and a lot of people in my family and friends circles - a bad 2019! Oh God, I can't wait for 2020... Let 2019 be a past that we will forget!
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#7 24-09-2019 
Good luck, Deb! Hopefully your 2019 finishes better than it has gone so far! (((hugs)))

#8 02-10-2019 
Thanks to everyone, still no news Sad
They have time until the end of October to decide my destiny, I can't find other jobs..

#9 03-10-2019 
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Good luck <3

Hopefully things turn around for you.

#10 06-10-2019 
I had an awful year last year, so I know how you are feeling. I finally have a permanent job that I am enjoying. Keep trusting in your abilities because you are amazing! Amazing things do happen. I will keep you in my prayers Heart


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