Pool Lighting
#1 28-10-2019 
Hello I'm having a situation with the shading/lighting/shadowing a pool gets at night time when it's dark and the pool lights are on. Here is a photo to show what I mean exactly.

[Image: poollights.png]

I've been having this problem for awhile. My computer specs are Windows 10 64 bit completely updated. I have a 500GB SSD and 1TB HDD. The game is installed on the HDD. I have 28GB Computer Memory, 3.6GHz Processor, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 TI 4GB memory (driver fully updated)

Things I've done to my game are...I've added my graphics card to the video card list so the game recognizes it. I've tampered a little with the Graphics Rules file. I've increased the Texture Memory to 1024, enabled higher screen resolutions, enabled smooth edges, and I also applied the 4GB Patch.

My in-game settings are everything is on High (Shadows, Lighting, Graphics Effects, Sim/Object Detail, Texture Detail and Reflections) Screen Size 1920x1080. Refresh Rate Greyed Out. Smooth Edges "More", UI Transparency "On", Use Square Pixels "Off", Object Hiding "Off" and Snow on Ground "On". I also have for Lot View Options...View Distance "Medium", Neighbors "On", Decorations "On", Clickable Neighbors "Off", Snow X-Ray Cursor "On" (and yes I see fish in ponds to answer any questions about shaders) and Fade Distance "Medium".

That is all the information I can think of to share. If anymore information is needed let me know.

#2 30-10-2019 
Usually, we prefer to have at least the config-log.txt file. And, if possible, a DxDiag.txt might also be helpful. Click the "Full Editor" button to find the controls to attach those files to a message, please. Thank you in advance.

#3 30-10-2019 
Here they are. Thank you =)

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.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 74.71 KB / Downloads: 336)
.txt  MAMA-HP-config-log.txt (Size: 10.28 KB / Downloads: 336)

#4 30-10-2019 
Hi @Arily,

Thank you on the info. That's very helpful. You don't mess around, do you? That's a lot of memory in your system. But that's a good thing. Nowadays, you can never have too much of anything.

According to your DxDiag, you have DX12 installed. DX12 isn't very good at emulating the DX9-level stuff. It is very well possible that this is exactly the reason for your issue. I would advise you to get DX11 instead.

As I cannot see any other problematic stuff in either file, I'm hoping that DX11 will fix it for you. If it doesn't, however, I think I would like to see a screenshot of your in-game graphics settings (while playing a lot, not from the neighborhood).

Happy Simming.

#5 31-10-2019 
Ok, Can I install DX11 ontop of DX12? Or do I have to uninstall and rollback? I'm kinda wondering if I can install DX9 over-top DX12?

Yes! I love having a lot of memory lol. Thinking about getting more actually but that will be later.

Thank you so much for helping.

#6 31-10-2019 
Hi @Arily,

You're welcome; we all do what we can to help. This is one I think I can handle Smile

I *do* know that DX9 will not work under Win10. That's why I suggested DX11: it's the only alternative that supports DX9 features *and* works with Win10.
I do not think your system will accept DX11 installation as long as DX12 is still on board. So I assume that you will need to uninstall/rollback.

That's just how it is with computing: upgrading is easier than downgrading, and you always only find out about the drawbacks AFTER it is done.

Good luck,
~ BO

#7 01-11-2019 
I'm not sure then I'll be doing that.

I have been still playing around with the pool. I thought first it was too large of a pool or too many lights. I ended up taking out all the lights and shrinking the size of the pool but it's still doing it. So maybe it isn't a lighting/shading issue. I'm unsure why the lines are on the bottom of the pool like that even with no lights around.


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