#1 03-11-2019 
[Image: TS2-DyseneenAndCharlatan1.png]
"I have 37 Simoleons, no pickpocket-related Fears and a Body of 7. Please, please, please pick my pocket, thanks!"

He wandered off and tried to pick some random masseuse's pocket instead. Then he left. Sad

Anyway, these forums didn't have an "All screenshots, all the time" forum or thread. Now, I hope, they do.

Also, hello again. The Acer is dead, a Dell Precision has arisen to take its place, and Simming has resumed. Long live Dell! Smile
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Pizza Smile great to see you again.

#3 04-11-2019 
(03-11-2019 04:47 PM)leefish Wrote:  Pizza Smile great to see you again.
And how have you been, Fish Queen? Smile

#4 10-11-2019 
I swear to fish sticks, would you guys just stop getting abducted by UFOs for five stinkin' minutes?!? Glare

I may as well be trying to summon those green-skinned buzzards at this rate! Dodgy

#5 16-11-2019 
[Image: TS2-MeanLittleGirls01.png]
[Image: TS2-MeanLittleGirls02.png]
Okay, I can give the evil snowman a pass, but you girls are way too young to be plotting people's deaths! Undecided

[Image: TS2-MeanLittleGirls03.png]
But you're not too young to be invited to hobby lots, evidently. Smile

#6 27-11-2019 
Because zombies need love too, Sarah Azrael got a hot date with another Sim State University alumnus, one by the name of Ravish the Impregnator.

A name like that pretty well tells you everything you need to know about the guy, doesn't it? Tongue

And lo, steamy hot tub fun was had!

But the joke's on you, Mr. the Impregnator! Zombies can't get pregnant! Tongue

Then Sarah left college after throwing a massive graduation party. Ravish was there too. So was Mary Lethe.

The new outfit's not bad, but it's still getting changed once she gets to her Forever Home, the one with ten other zombies and a creepy-looking manor house with a truckload of tombstones around it. Because zombies are all about the Addams Family chic, right? Wink

Sarah Azrael was the last of the zombies living in the Romero House, largely due to an unfortunate Academic Probation which she and her sloth had earned along the way. With Sarah gone back to Pleasantview, Sim State U's Romero House is vacant once more, and the Zee-Zed-Zulu Greek House has finally drawn to a close. I've assumed a more casual attitude about Greek Houses over the years, to the extent where all the trouble of perpetuating a Greek House's existence has become pointless. Unless your Sims live at the Greek House's charter house itself, then being a member of a Greek House really doesn't have any worthwhile benefits to it. Random goodies from spontaneous visits to the campus? Only in the Greek House's house. Being able to sleep on the floor? Only in the Greek House's house. Being able to sleep with a sound system blaring away in the same room? Only in the Greek House's house. And the sad reality is that, if your Sims live in the Greek House's house in order to reap those benefits, then eventually your Sims are going to graduate. It's inevitable. And once all those Simmy Greeks leave campus, the Greek House itself is dead.

The only benefit that Greek House members can enjoy no matter where on campus they live is the ability to throw toga parties, and that's really not so outstanding; toga parties are functionally the same as sports parties and house parties, which any Sim can throw anywhere at any time (as long as it's not early in the morning). Fulfilling those "Throw a Toga Party" Wants is the only meager benefit which comes with being able to host toga parties, so your Sims might as well live in the Greek House house and get all the other perks that come with their status. And it really doesn't cost much money for Simmy students to start their own Greek House, so why not do that with every generation of young adults? Undecided
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So for some time now, Benne Evolence and Stella Terrano have intended to move to Richville (my Downtown hood where all the Sims who are wealthy enough to own huge 6x6 lots and nice, big houses go to live) and lay claim to their spaceship, which is presently sequestered in a large pine forest right across the street from Doctor Malevolence — Benne's human father — and his humungous robotics corporation, MegaloTech. But in order for Benne and Stella to do that, they would need a proper crew for said spaceship. And so four sentient wayfarers from beyond the stars came to Sim Earth to attend Sim State University — as the university is clearly the apex of Sim Earth's knowledge and culture — to be swiftly followed by three more, that they may learn all that they need to know about everything that matters (as well as a few things that don't).

The first four aliens (Grozz, Lur Laren, Dyseneen, Lambda) — along with their native guide, Debbie — were Seniors by the time the latter three (Gan Ar, Kal-Dara and Zixx) came to live with them in their large campus house. But with most of their number close to leaving college, they would need to somehow earn the acquaintence of Benne or Stella before leaving campus, in order to facilitate a smooth transition to that household on leaving campus. And thus far, they had failed to make those acquaintences despite so many visits to Pleasantview, Downtown and the like.

As with most of my Sims, the intended future crew went about calling other Sims and refreshing their friendships. Grozz called one of his professors — one Brittany Raha — and invited her over. "Can I bring my friend too?" she asked. Sure, why not? So Grozz consented and made ready to receive two guests rather than one.

And who should Professor Raha's friend (and former student) so happen to be?

Ohhhh, yeah! Big Grin

As coincidences go, this one was just too good!

Grozz was quick to invite Benne in, of course.

I love it when a plan comes together! Celebrate

Soonafter, at Benne and Stella's house, the infamous Running With Scissors playset claimed its first victim ever in my little Simmy universe.

Not to worry, though! Dyseneen made a swift recovery after Lur Laren convinced the Grim Reaper to back off. The things we do to fulfill those pesky "Be Saved from Death" wants....

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the resurrection itself because the UFO which had previously abducted Lambda chose that exact moment to cruise back to Sim Earth and spit her out.

Good job, Lambda! Thanks a lot for killing a perfectly touching moment with your shiny UFO and your big, flashy entrance! You suck! Dodgy

#8 12-01-2020 
[Image: TS2-ReikoDoesTakemizu01.jpg]

[Image: TS2-ReikoDoesTakemizu02.jpg]

[Image: TS2-ReikoDoesTakemizu03.jpg]

[Image: TS2-ReikoDoesTakemizu04.jpg]

[Image: TS2-ReikoDoesTakemizu05.jpg]

[Image: TS2-ReikoDoesTakemizu06.jpg]

[Image: TS2-ReikoDoesTakemizu07.jpg]

Reiko Mizozuki had a great time in Takemizu Village. Heart

And it's not every day that you fulfill a "Max [whatever] Skill" Want from a helicopter ride, is it? Smile

#9 12-01-2020 
[Image: TS2-LizAndTheLandgraabs00.jpg]

So the hoary old Running with Scissors Playset is a great way to fulfull those "Be Saved from Death" Wants.

Unfortunately, even if you have a perfect 100/100 Relationship with the very recently deceased, sometimes the Grim Reaper wins all the same. So when Elizabeth failed to save Cynthia from death, it was time for Elizabeth to embark on a new quest: To bring Cynthia back, Orpheus style. And since the Landgraab Society presently has the only Resurrect-o-nomicon on campus, you know what that means.

[Image: TS2-LizAndTheLandgraabs01.jpg]

[Image: TS2-LizAndTheLandgraabs02.jpg] means that the Landgraab Society is about to get their first werewolf. That's what it means!

[Image: TS2-LizAndTheLandgraabs03.jpg]

Naturally, the moment she arrived at the manor, she immediately mauled one of the regulars.

[Image: TS2-LizAndTheLandgraabs04.jpg]

But he got over it.

So now the Landgraab Society's regulars include one werewolf...

[Image: TS2-LizAndTheLandgraabs05.jpg]

...and one witch, courtesy of Kileighney Hagg.

Eventually, they'll complete the whole Five Pack...maybe. How does one inflict Plantsimism unto someone else, anyway? Huh

(Come to think of it, why do the various supernaturals — or at least vampires, werewolves and witches — always get those Wants to turn other Sims into the same type of supernatural? Is it a "Here, this is cool, try it out!" sort of motivation, or is it a "Misery loves company" thing? "Hey, dude! I have to stay inside from sunrise to sunset or I'll die. Let's see how you like it!" "Hi! Lycanthropy completely wrecked my personality, and my Hunger takes massive drops every sunset, but on the other hand, I get to stay up all night, I can talk to dogs and I can actually fight burglars! By the way, I'm going to maul you now." "Everything about being a witch is friggin' awesome! Here, try it on for size!" What's the story with those Wants?)

[Image: TS2-WindBlossom.jpg]
Random name generators are cool. Smile
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#10 01-02-2020 
Y'all are too quiet. Undecided


[Image: TS2-KileighneyWithASuntan.jpg]
What an Atrociously Evil witch with a suntan looks like.

So it's like an overlay over an overlay over a base skin tone. Cool. Insert "Skinception" meme here.

And what's with Navetsea's skins always having those weird little painted-on rings around the middle fingers? Is that supposed to be his trademark or something? Undecided

[Image: TS2-Landfish.png]
Clearly those fishes are up to no good.
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