The sims 2 ultimate collection Error: D3DERR_OUTOFVIDEOMEMORY
#1 11-11-2019 
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I have read all the error posts in the web, but, I do not solve it.....How do I find this file? "Config-log.text".........My pc:

- AMD Radeon R9 390
- RAM: 16 GB DDR4
- Windows 10 Home 64bits updated now
- i7 core 5820K 3,30Ghz
- Virtual memory: 16311 MB
- Directx 12
- Compatibility mode with the sims 2 UC: Windows vista (service pack 2) activated
- DEP Off add C/Program files 86/Origin games/the sims 2 ultimate collection/SP9/TSBin/Sims2EP9.exe ; C/Program files 86/Origin games/the sims 2 ultimate collection/SP9/TSBin/"All the files.exe".......

My Game programs:

- Graphycs rules Maker with 4000 Mb force texture memory
- CEP: installed
- HCDU: No CC Corrupt
- Sims2Pack Clean Installer: Ok
- SIMPE: I do not use


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  2. Your operating System.
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