Watch it, this barrel contains...
#1 03-10-2010 
...boiling oil... or, to be more precise: BoilingOil. So that's me. Dutch by birth, a world-citizen at heart, BO for short.

A disorder prevents me from working, so I have a lot of time on my hands. All that time I can be found either playing, or modding for, TS2.

I started my TS2-related online life about two years ago on TwoJeffs' site Simbology, and started modding around this time last year. So far, I always published my work on Simbology, but recently I moved everything to a simple blog named BoBo-Modding, which was then mentioned at Sims Cave.

And now our main Fish invited me to come and pollute her Bowl Wink I thought that was a great idea.

If you guys/gals have any ideas, any gripes with the original EAxis code for the game, maybe I can do something about it (and maybe not, but then I'll be honest about it). At least, I'm willing to investigate and see what I can do.

So, blub blub, hi there peeps...

#2 03-10-2010 
Hi there BO! Great to see you in the bowl. I will get to work setting up an area for you right away. In the meantime I will ponder what hacks I am needing for my game. Tongue
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#3 03-10-2010 
It's also great to be here, Lee. There's only one thing I don't quite get yet:

Am I, or am I not, a registered member? In my settings, I've set up a signature as in above message (for registered members only), and the signature tick-box is ticked, yet no signatures are added to my posts... Maybe that tick just isn't processed? Or maybe something in the code isn't quite right yet? We'll iron it out eventually, I suppose, but I thought I'd mention it.

Ah, and I'm an old guy with poor mental ability (not really: I'm actually just a messy writer, but I need to have something to blame for it Smile) and usually see problems only AFTER I've submitted a post, even though I do use the preview button. So be warned, you're going to have to moderate a lot of edited posts from me... sorry about that.

Ok, so there were actually two things... See how messy a writer I am? Tongue

#4 03-10-2010 
Well, it's cos I'm a grumpy old bag and I don't like loads of signatures from bots all over the shop Smile I actually REMOVED the signature option in a lot of posts.... So users can tick it from here to eternity, but its not in the HTML....

Alright - I wil RE-ENABLE it in those areas where sigs will not break my pretty layouts Smile

(see what a good-natured and kindly fish I am)

also - you may not have noticed yet, but there is an option to have either a horizontal or classic layout on the posts in the UserCP.

Of course, you may have also noticed that once you entered the Republic of LeeFish that you were whipped through the registration process and dumped into the site with a compulsory avatar and sig Rofl

Imma not a control freak, Im not.....

ALSO - I edit like a mad fish.....I have yet to make a post in one clean go. Another reason for me not to be on MATY.
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#5 03-10-2010 
Hehe, thanks Lee! So that makes you a good-natured and kindly grumpy old bag? Huh I can't believe that. Big Grin Good-natured and kindly, yes! Heart

I hope we won't be going to war, because grumpy is my middle name Wink
And now I'll have to edit the top post to remove the artificially implanted sig. And I'll also have to revise the size of that banner, or maybe even remove it... It's way too big, don't you think?

Edit: actually, resizing didn't work... so the banner's gone now. buhbye, ugly thing!

Edit 2: I'm beginning to notice: you are mad fish! So I'm not alone in my editing... thank god! I'm not to be seen on MATY either... they wouldn't be able to handle me, and I would be able to handle being decapitated! Smile

#6 03-10-2010 
aww, banner was quite cute I thought. What I do need to do (but am too lazy really) is to refit the HTML to always align the signature block at the bottom..... I should do that.

I shall do that after I set up your grease pit Smile

I have a small set of templates that might look nice, less pics, more text, kind of tough looking. Or do you want pics in your mod posts?
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#7 03-10-2010 
Well, I told you I'm not a designer. As in: I don't mesh or recolor, because my ability in that area reeks worse than me! As such, I won't often require pictures in my mod-posts. Though occasionally being able to add a picture can be helpful. So when and where my opinion means anything, I'd like to keep my options open Wink

Anyway, use whatever template you think fits a barrel of bubbling carbohydrates with a short fuse Wink

And yeah, I like the banner too, but at its full size it was dominating the posts. That's no good...

"Game Greaser"??? Is that a custom title? I Heart it!!! On Simbology I had TJ set my custom title to "Alien Experiment gone awry" Wink

#8 05-10-2010 
(03-10-2010 02:35 PM)BoilingOil Wrote:  ...On Simbology I had TJ set my custom title to "Alien Experiment gone awry"...

I always wondered how you & ZZ were able to have those cool custom titles on Simbology! I thought it had something to do with being a frequent poster and/or a modder & was hopeful I would see a new title option once I became a Whippy Whippersnapper.

So I have to bribe TJ to get a new monkier over there, eh?

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#9 05-10-2010 
Yup, it's simply a question of asking TJ. I asked Sleepy first, but she and Isz don't seem to have the power Smile


Sorry, that is a members only option