Sims2: changing to double-sided not fading wallsticker (from aikeaguinea)
#1 22-11-2019 
I have the 2-tile wall writing (wallsticker) from aikea-guinea and I also have an edited version of the mesh to not fade away when zooming in by Mustluvcatz and another version of it to make it 2-sided by Yuxi. I really want to have it both, 2-sided and not fading could anyone tell me how to do that? I checked all 3 files but I couldn't figure it out.
I read these 2 lines could have something to do with it but I couldn't find it in the bhav of any of the 3 files
[prim 0x0002] Expression (My 0x0008 (flags) Set Flag flag# Literal 0x000B (hide for cutaway))
Opcode 08000B00000903070000000000000000.

[prim 0x0002] Expression (My 0x0028 (flag field 2) Set Flag flag# Literal 0x0004 (Obstructs View))
Opcode 28000400000903070000000000000000.

I'd really like to learn how to do this so I could apply it to my other wallstickers as well. I'm a beginner in SimPe my experience is good enough to make an object shiftable and I'm hoping that this would not be much harder.

Thank you for any help,

P.S. to clarify:
original object: 1-sided fades away on zoom
mlc object: 1-sided doesn't fade away
yuxi object: 2-sided but does fade away
Lucydique, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Mar 2019.

#2 23-11-2019 
Hi @Lucydique

I'd like to try and help, but to properly instruct you, I would need to see an example of those files, first. So, could you please include the links to the files you're referring to? Anyone who is willing to try and help, will be able to save some time, if they don't have to first go and find what you have already found. Thanks in advance.

~ BO

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sorry, I thought this was more like a general thing on how to do those things but of course I should have thought of adding the links Blush
here they are, not direct links to the downloads but to the pages I got them from in case you need to read any of the info
Original by Aikea-Guinea (second row, first item "asylum drawings")
Mustluvcatz edit (recolors and edited mesh without fading)
Yuxi Edit (recolors and edited mesh 2-sided)

I have other wallstickers from several creators (numenor, jope, simscri, ...) and I'm really hoping I can make some of them 2sided as well they all have different sizes so I do want to keep them all and not just clone the one object. I think the aikea-guinea one is the only that has that "fade" option I don't like. So I guess I only have to learn how to make something 2sided and then use the MLC-edit of their mesh.

Thanks in advance for any help,
Greetings, Lucy

#4 24-11-2019 
(23-11-2019 06:02 PM)Lucydique Wrote:  sorry, I thought this was more like a general thing on how to do those things but of course I should have thought of adding the links Blush

You're probably right; they may very well be. But not all modders have experience with exactly the same things. The technique may be common, but I've never applied it to graphical features such as what a wall looks like. So I need to see examples, before I can say how to apply the technique, and to which specific elements, to get the right effect. If I tell you the technique, but I can't say where to apply it, you may end up destroying things you would want to keep. And in the end you might blame me for giving false or incomplete information. We do not want that, really...

Quote:here they are, not direct links to the downloads but to the pages I got them from in case you need to read any of the info

That's just fine, I hope Smile I'll see what I can come up with...

Quote:Thanks in advance for any help,
Greetings, Lucy

No problem,
~ BO

#5 24-11-2019 
Okay, I think I see what's going on here...

First off, the lines that you were looking for, are not lines on the object itself, but on a part of the object TYPE.
If you select the line "Function - Init" on each MESH file, you'll see in the plugin view, what lines these programs were made up of.
The first line for all these Inits is the same: it calls " Global 0x010F Function - Init Object () ". This is a program to prepare the object for use by the game. It registers the object, so the game knows of its existence.
The second line is where it gets interesting:
The original and the Yuxi-edit both call " Semi 0x2001 Function - Init Ceiling () " (to register the object as something that you hang from the ceiling).
But the MLC-edit is different, because it calls " Semi 0x2000 Function - Init Floor () " (to register the object as something that you put on the floor).

The floor object does not fade away, but both the ceiling objects DO! THAT cannot be a coincidence.
Now if you select this second line on the ceiling objects " Semi 0x2001 Function - Init Ceiling () " and then on the right side of the screen select the link "View BHAV", you get to see the initialisation routine used for all ceiling objects, and THAT section contains the two lines that you could never find. If you examine the "Init Floor" routine the same way, you will find that THAT one does NOT have these two lines.

Objects that hang from the ceiling, will always fade away when you get closer, because they might get in the way of you controlling your sim. Objects on the floor must always be visible, because you need to see what your sim must move around to get to its destination. You can NOT edit those two initialisation routines, because that would affect ALL objects that hang from the ceiling or stand on the floor.

Now let's try to find out where the difference is that makes the Yuxi-edit two-sided. And THAT is in the GMDC objects for all these meshes. Looking at the GMDC, you'll notice that the Yuxi-edit has 4 faces and 8 vertices, whereas both the others have 2 faces and 4 vertices.

Everything else is the same in all three objects. So now we have all the information that we need.

So here is the solution. You could try to replace MLC's GMDC file with the one from the Yuxi-edit, or you could change the line in Yuxi's object to make it call "Semi 0x2000 Function - Init Floor ()" instead of "Semi 0x2001 Function - Init Ceiling ()".

Either of these two methods could result in the effect that you are looking for: a two-sided object that doesn't fade away. The latter method would be easier to implement, I think. Edit the Init BHAV Smile
And in fact, for just this once, because I was there anyway, I've done this little bit of work already for you. So now you only have to download the file I attached and use THAT as your MESH. But next time, you can do this yourself, by applying the things that you learned here today Smile

See? From examining these three objects, I've learned something that I didn't know before, AND I've taught you what I learned. That's why I needed the objects that you were working on, so I could see what you see, and I could explain to you where to look Smile

Good luck, Lucy,
~ BO

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#6 24-11-2019 
oh wow thank you so so much! I just tested it and it all works! Heart
I even managed to get the full height wallposters from numenor/pixelhate (that you fixed once) to be 2sided with all the information from you (Ivy on seamless windows *mhhh* Big Grin ). I'm trying the same on jopes walltattoo now but don't think it will be that easy cause it has a face count of 30 and vertex of 24 to begin with and I can't for the live of me figure out how to change those values after importing and even if I did it's probably more complicated than that. Right now it worked to import the one from your/yuxis fix and just rename it to make it two-sided but from what I can tell the second set has the numbers sorted differently (probably reverse order). Maybe I just clone one of the wallstickers that are working for me and see if I can put the recolors from jopes mesh on that one...(I only want droopsies blood stains anyways to use them on windows)
I'm still super happy with what you managed to do and teach me, most of those wallstickers I have are like the aikea guinea one with 2 and 4 and I'm confident I can edit them all myself. Such a great feeling to learn this! Thanks for taking the time and so interesting about the info with the ceiling/floor I would never have thought of something like that!
Have a great weekend and thank you so much again!!!

#7 25-11-2019 
I'm glad I could help, Lucy. And I'm happy that you've successfully used the knowledge already, and made it work on other objects as well.

It was fun to figure out how it works, and to find a way to relay the gained knowledge to someone else. If I had simply said: "copy the GMDC and edit the Init", it could've worked too, but you wouldn't know WHY it works that way. Now you've learned about the WHY, there is a good chance that you'll be able to make it work much more often. And I'm sure you'll figure it out with that jopes thing, too. At least the reverse ordered numbers thing makes sense to me. Try that, and see what happens.

And thank you for telling me about it. It always feels good to get appreciation Heart

#8 25-11-2019 
I gave up on the jope meshes, I just don't have enough knowledge of how it all works. I can import&export stuff into the gmdc but I just can't figure out how to EDIT any of the numbers. Well even if I would I don't think I could figure out what numbers I would need. I did try to just add another one of the 2 and 4 models to see how it would affect the mesh and that way I could see something on the other side just not the right size and not placed right which makes sense but still not enough for me to figure it out. But I do have almost all the sizes of wallstickers I need except a 2 tile half height 2 sided shiftable but I guess I'll make do with the stuff I have. It's probably just me obsessing about wanting to have something just because I think it should be possible Wink

The whole thing started when I wanted to convert some wallcoverings into a sticker so I could use them as backsplashes for kitchens on any wallcovering of my choosing and then I thought those borders with mosaics would look nice on seamless windows, like a privacy film. So I can definitely do that now, 1tile sticker is enough and if I ever need the 2tile sticker I guess i could just use one on both sides of the window.

It definitely made me spend more time with SimPe and just trying different things to see the outcome and that's always a good thing to familiarize myself with it more and more over time. Never would have guessed a few years ago that I would ever even use the programm at all. I still remember installing it for the first time and being completely clueless and just leaving it on my PC for years without touching it at all Tongue

Oh and believe me you are very much appreciated! Everytime I go on a new lot and set my need freak flamingo I think of you Big Grin and it was very cool that you answered my post since one of the meshes I was working with was numenors full height wall poster with your fixes so handling those files reading your name in the filenames and then coming here seeing you answered me that is really something Cool

#9 25-11-2019 
Ah, the Need Freak... I don't hear of many folks who use that garbage. The best thing that can be said about it, is that it's versatile and VERY configurable. It replaces several different Motive enhancers, but I myself prefer having my sims WORK for health and happiness, nowadays. Still, it's cool to know that there are people using my mods. Thank you for that. Big Grin

Yeah, at first, I thought SimPE was SCARY! So many buttons, so much stuff on the screen without any explication; VERY intimidating. And I've always been fond of programming and working with complicated things, so being intimidated is quite unusual for me. But once I started to figure out some things about modding, I learned to embrace all its diverse functions and abilities. It has served me well over the years.

#10 25-11-2019 
my simmies are just props and testers to me I only build and decorate so it is great not to have them bug me all the time and just needing one object to take care of it is just perfect. I use it together with a teleport mod that has a "wait here" function. So they are just standing in one place the whole time until I need them for a test and therefore would probably die without the need freak Wink
If I were to actually play with a family I probably wouldn't use it there but I can't remember the last time I did play with one.

Haha that is kinda nice to hear that it scared even you. I'm not an expert but I also used to be quite good with computers and learning new programs so it was very frustrating that I just couldn't get around it. I think what got me finally started was a tutorial on how to recategorize things which was something I always wanted to do, after that I learned how to do recolors (technically, I still don't do "own" recolors I just extract pictures from one file and import them to another if the template fits), I tried my luck on enabling design mode (sometimes it worked and others not) and then recently how to make an object shiftable (think that felt like the biggest success for me).

Whenever I heard the word "bhavs" I thought it had to be something super complicated I don't even wanna touch. Now I think they are probably one of the more easier things to learn because they don't seem to depend much on any of the other info already in the file. When looking at the wallstickers yesterday I realised more interesting info in the numenor/pixelhate ones, especially how to make them place everywhere without cheats and I could use that for the other stickers as well and it worked right away. So kinda started with you teaching me one thing and now I go down the rabbit hole on what else I can do there (without even wondering if I really need that function)

Oh I also saw some other wallstickers that where 2sided but didn't have a second set of faces/vertices instead I think they are cloned from a curtain and I'm guessing those are doublesided by default in the game. Just thought that was interesting kinda like the floor/ceiling thing that changed the fading just not in the bhavs but somewhere else don't remember where I read it anymore. Really wish I was 20 years younger I would probably start to learn all of that from the beginning and go into every little detail Big Grin


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