Another DirectX Issue
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So I keep getting the "You need directx 9 to run this blah blah blah". I have tried downloading the Video Cards NEWER file -changing the file name to Video Cards and replacing the file in both my config and CSconfig folders of mansion and garden stuff- and it does have my graphics card, Intel® UHD Graphics 620, but it still doesn't work. I have found that putting -w at the end of the target line on the shortcut works but I have bad eyes and it makes the game much too small for me to actually play. I run windows 10 and I have the DVDs.

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If your game says that you need DirectX 9 to run it, it means that you should download and install DirectX9.0c. Getting a different Video Cards file doesn't help with that. Replacing the Video Cards has no effect whatsoever on any DirectX issues, because those are not caused by whether or not the game recognizes your graphics card.

You don't mention trying to install DX9, so I assume that you haven't. But if you had, you would find out that it Win10 will not let you. Win10 doesn't support DX9. And DX12 (most commonly found on Win10 installations) does not emulate the DX9 functions that your game needs.

The solution is to search google for DirectX 11, follow the link and install it. It will NOT disable DX12, but it will most likely allow you to play the game without any more problems.

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(25-11-2019 05:27 AM)BoilingOil Wrote:  <...snip...> You don't mention trying to install DX9, so I assume that you haven't.<...snip...>
I have actually! I've already downloaded directx 11 and it didn't work. I researched it and found that the popup was a common issue with trying to play on windows 10. Replacing the Video Cards file was the most common solution I could find, including on a post by celebkiriedhel. I didn't think to mention that I had already tried it because I assumed that directx wasn't really the issue. I'll try to be more clear in the future Smile.

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(25-11-2019 05:56 AM)JackABoy Wrote:  
(25-11-2019 05:27 AM)BoilingOil Wrote:  <...snip...> You don't mention trying to install DX9, so I assume that you haven't.<...snip...>
I have actually! I've already downloaded directx 11 and it didn't work.<...snip...> I'll try to be more clear in the future Smile.

Yes, please. And I hereby sincerely apologise for my false assumption.
Sadly, occasionally it *does* happen that installing DX11 does not fix it. I am unaware of any solutions for that eventuality, alas. The only thing I *do* know, is that updating the .sgr files will not fix anything in these cases. It may help with many things, but not with the problem that your game doesn't see the presence of a working DirectX version.

So let us hope that someone else on this board has a better idea, because I'm afraid that I have nothing useful to offer.

I wish you well, @JackABoy
~ BO

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@BoilingOil @JackABoy

I'm the person responsible for the DX11 information. This will work SOMETIMES now. Las year, before all of MS Win10 updates, it worked most of the time. Now, it's getting harder and harder to get it to work at all.

There are no clear cut solutions to this issue. It's pretty ad-hoc. I've tried everything there is out there, and nothing works consistently. Anything that does work, is temporary. I've loaded TS2 on literally HUNDREDS of computers. Win 10 just doesn't work well with the game, period, and it's getting worse, and worse, as Microsoft continues to inflict more, and more updates that are more, and more hostile to the game. This goes for nVidia, and Radeon cards, and the driver updates for those video chipsets. Next thing to go, will be the sound drivers.Sad

This is why I've went through great lengths, to post about older, reliable computers that still run the game quite well. I've posted warnings about buying new computers just so you could play TS2. Bad idea!

I've done everything I can think of to get it to work on newer systems, and it gets harder with each, passing day.

Dual boot, with Win7, or Win8.1
Try Linux, and WINE. TS2 doesn't work that welll, with WINE (YMMV).

Any older computer that will run Win7, or Win8.1, will run TS2. ALOT of them WILL have to have nVidia/Radeon graphics, in order to play TS2.
Any 4thGen laptop, with HD4600m on-board graphics, will run TS2 quite well. Any computer, with i5/i7 3rdGen, HD 4000 on-board graphics, will run TS2, with a little work. Any computer running Win 8.1, with at least HD4600m will run TS2. Any nVidia, or AMD/ATI graphics machine will work with Win7, up to nVidia 1070ti/Radeon R7.

The Lenovo T440p, is a great, budget solution. The HD4600m on-board graphics, is kind of a "sweet spot" for the game, and you don't NEED to spend the extra $$$ for the nVidia, GT730m model. DO NOT try and use Win10 on this machine, and expect it to play TS2! Win8.1 is fine with a couple simple work around's, but Win7Pro, is absolutely marvelous, whether you're running with nVidia, or on-board.

If you NEED Win10, then make sure you get enough storage. The T440p, has a 2242, M.2 NGFF slot, that you can install a SSD in. You will NEED to dual boot Win10 on one drive, and best to install Win7 on the second drive.

I'm at this point now:

If you have an older machine that runs TS2, TAKE CARE of it! Learn to do your own repairs, and upgrades.
If you can get one of the computers I RECOMMEND for TS2, AND you really like the game, and want to continue playing it, save your money, and get one. Initial cost may not be to your liking (Unless you're in the U.S. where they're cheap, and plentiful), but parts for repair, and upgrades, batteries, displays, SSD's, Memory, and chargers, are pretty much dirt cheap, plentiful, and very easy to do.

The reason I usually recommend Lenovo ThinkPads, is because they're extremely reliable, very easy for a novice to do upgrades, and repairs, and parts are plentiful, and cheap. Especially, the T440p. Older AlienWare, and MSI 4thGen, gaming computers running Win7/Win8.1, are also EXCELLENT machines, although, a bit pricey.

There are HP's, Acer, Toshiba, Dell, and others with these qualifications, that will work fine. Reliability, and ease of repair/upgrades can be an issue though, but most will work satisfactorily.

TS2, is VERY OLD! You can't expect MS to hold back for a game, nor any other software developer for that matter.

O/S that will run TS2:

Windows XP
Windows VISTA
Win 8
Win 8.1.

Computers that will run TS2:

Some, are better than others.

Core 2 Duo, of at least 2.4 ghz WITH Radeon, or nVidia graphics ONLY!
1stGen i7, with nVidia, or Radeon graphics ONLY!
2ndGen i5/i7 with nVidia, or Radeon graphics ONLY! HD3000 on-board graphics NOT recommended. It overheats your CPU.
3rdGen i5/i7/Windows 7, with nVidia, or Radeon graphics PREFERRED. HD4000 graphics will work with a little work.
4thGen with nVidia, Radeon, or On-board HD4600m, with Win7.
4thGen with On-board HD4600m, with Win8.1.
5thGen with Win7/Win8.1
6thGen with Win7/Win8.1 (SkyLake)
Any AMD A8-A10, with at LEAST higher end AMD R5<, AND Win7/Win8.1

7thGen, with Win8.1, on-board graphics only. This is the cut off for TS2. If your 7thGen (Kaby Lake), is running Win10, it's going to be an issue.

The BEST machine I've found for running TS2, is the Lenovo, W540/Win7, or W541/Win7, with the nVidia Quadro K2100m graphics (K1100m will work too). It's also the most upgradable of the ThinkPads.

I wish you all good luck, and good Simming.
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Ah i see. It's unfortunate that it's so difficult, hopefully there will be a remaster or something. Thank you both for the help!!

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You're welcome. Smile


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