Power/internet outage
#1 28-11-2019 
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Hello everyone! I live in northern Ontario and winter has hit hard. First we lost internet (satellite, so terrible in bad weather). I was unable to open my Sims 2 game (Ultimate ed.), even though I have it pinned to my taskbar. I just kept getting the Origin popup with a sad face. Is there any way to load the game without internet connection???


#2 29-11-2019 
I don't know if you can play the origin edition without internet.

#3 29-11-2019 
Yes, I do. I use the noCD crack that I got from here somewhere... (Sorry I don't have a link, someone else probably does though) Good Luck!

#4 30-11-2019 
Surely, like in the old days a no-CD crask could be produced to prevent the game from requiring a specific CD or DVD be present while playing, I'm sure there have indeed been cracks made to prevent the Origin games from checking for an internet connection. I've seen such things mentioned before.

#5 30-11-2019 
I've linked a no CD crack on Catherine's post - but I can link it here as well.


#6 30-11-2019 
Thank you Kiri - that's exactly what I meant Heart


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