NoCD .exe question... not really about TS2 though...
#1 29-11-2019 
I need help thinking this through. It seems as though it ought to work, but I don't know exactly what I'm looking for to go and get it. And I'm very afraid of downloading things from "those" sites...

Here's the deal: I play TS2 UC from origin. (I also have all the CD/DVD disks - but not installed, obviously.)
I have it set up on both my machine and my daughter's machine (which is W10, and has no problems. YAY!)
Daughter's machine is not allowed internet access - we are all hard-wired at our house (not wifi) and her plug is pulled.
Which is what lead to my using the NoCD .exe to start our TS2 games. So we don't need to go through Origin's interface that insists on updating online every time. It has worked nicely this way for over 2 years.

Here's the REAL question: How can I set up my Dragon Age games to start without having to go through Origin's interface? I bought the games through Origin, just like I did TS2's UC. When I search the 'net I see there are NOCD Cracks available for DA, but I don't know what to get? Is it even safe to download? I don't want to illegally DL the game - I've already got the game. I just want a start button that doesn't need Origin/internet access to play the game. Like the NoCD .exe for TS2.

BTW - telling Origin that you want to play offline doesn't work. It still needs to verify who you are online before it starts the game.

Does anybody have any ideas?
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#2 30-11-2019 
I've found that some of the older, most well-known sites make a lot of work of protecting their visitors against bad software.
If you have a proper anti-virus and anti-malware protection software running, it should be reasonably safe to download and try out most of these things you've found online, regardless where they come from. After downloading something, even before unpacking any .zip or .rar files, just make sure that you right-click the downloaded files and select the option to scan them for suspicious stuff using whatever protection software you have.

Most of these protective programs start screaming the moment you even LOOK at a dangerous link. So if something really is wrong, I'm sure you'll be notified before it is too late.

#3 30-11-2019 
I have a no CD version that I've used for many many years that I've uploaded to a file server - it's called george.

This is the link -

That's the no CD patch for M&G

#4 30-11-2019 
Thank you, Kiri - that's the one you gave me many years ago for TS2. It's perfect.
But... what I need now is something like that for the different Dragon Age games. I just don't quite no where to go to find it. I'll keep searching. And, thank you BO - I'll cross my fingers and download if I find something I think might work.


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