Kiri real life update
#1 30-11-2019 
I'm still alive. 2019 has been the year when I've pretty much crashed and burned.

Sprained my ankle in late January, and it took ages to heal. Apparently at my age it's very lucky I didn't break it.
Spent the 3 months sick during winter - including vertigo, depression, enlarged lymph nodes. I successfully fought off getting the flu (which was really really bad this year) but only by making myself sick. Next year I'm going to get the vaccination.
Sleep disturbances due to many paws (menopause) has ramped up my disturbed sleep pattern to 11. I now either don't sleep at all, or sleep 16+ hours, but not at night.

I keep on telling myself I'm getting better, and to be fair sleep and power surges is all that many paws has given me, so I AM luckier than some. Glad I'm not working.

I've been feeling guilty about not coming on Leefish, mostly because I just don't have the stamina for the help forum any more. And feeling guilty about not helping. But I am hoping to change that. I remember the good ol' days when we used to chat and laugh together and I miss that.

I was doing lots of crocheting, but after being sick that kind of died down. Not a lot of crocheting you can do when you need to be horizontal, and I haven't picked up the habit again. (Although I did do some crocheting for the Cat Lover show)

[Image: 78100615_10158116665885992_5721460565046...e=5E844625]

this is not all of them, but all the different types that I did. The mice have catnip and a bell.

I have started simming again - playing Polgannon... although not so much playing as just doing lots and lots of sims makeovers so far. And read through the story line and all the clues. It's fascinating and I'm really happy with it. It's also triggered me into finishing a project I was doing a few years ago, which was to do a complete default hair set for my game. (Because I tend to want to use in-game content rather than CC).

I found this hair in-game that looks like it was never used, adapted the alphas to make it look like less of a tattoo, and I quite like it:

[Image: Hair_curlypuff.jpg]

Sorry I've been away so long.
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#2 30-11-2019 
It's good to see you around again, Kiri. Even if it is only for a moment. We miss you. That's quite a run of bad health issues you've been going through this year, dear. I wish it will be a lot better soon.

I've learned that often it is better to just break something than to sprain it. Because a break usually heals itself in about 2 months, after which you're almost as good as new, whereas a sprain can cause you to be disabled for much longer, and oftentimes will stay a weak spot for the remainder of your life. There are of course exceptions to this general rule, and an ankle is a complicated joint. Breaking that might not be so easy at all.

#3 30-11-2019 
Hi Kiri! Good to see you around again. My wife went through a lot of what you're going through. Early menu-plaws. Yukk! BUT.... It will pass.
Good to see you again, and we're trying to hold the fort down. Not as good at it as you are though. I'm getting kinda' tired of telling people to get an older computer. Although, it's not practical for a lot of people. Sad
However, it's the only guaranteed solution, ATM.

Hope your feeling better soon Hon!

Your little mice and kitties, sure are cute!

#4 30-11-2019 
Sorry to hear about that, guess the winter month won't make it much better. I for myself already are in hibernation-mode sleeping about 16 hours at least more bordering on 20 Blush
I love your crocheting it's super cute! The mice reminded me of this toy my sister made for my cats, its made around one of those yellow plastic eggs from a german chocolate for kids, inside she put some rice so it makes a rattling sound when the cats play with it. They totally love it. The tail is extra long because RIBBBBBOOOONSS
[Image: KkeBnjrm.jpg] [Image: 6qutQHOm.jpg] [Image: MAg7VFNm.jpg]

I think you did quite a lot all things considered so don't be too hard on yourself!
Have a nice weekend!

#5 30-11-2019 
I'm hoping to be around much more, but I'm not promising because who knows what my health is going to do? I know what you mean about spraining can be worse - I sprained the right ankle as a teen, and it's always been my weak one, and if I sprain something then it wants to be the one. But I'm not hobbling around at the moment, so I'm crossing my fingers that it will behave for a while - at least until 2019 is over.


Just today I saw this post going around on Tumblr - I'm wondering if this would help as well?



That's super cute!! I actually used to collect the toys out of the kinder eggs... I wonder if I still have the eggs around? That would be a great idea for the catnip mice. And yeah - long tails is a necessity with cats!

#6 30-11-2019 
Hiya Kiri wave Sending you lotsa BIG {{{hugs}}} Heart
I hope 2020 will be better for you! I took a year off from my simmies (tromped around Fereldon and Orlais a LOT) ...and I just fired up my TS2 a couple weeks ago. It's amazing how much I missed it. I'm glad you're back too Celebrate
I know how hard it is to control "feeling guilty" - I wish there was a magic switch I could flip that would just turn it off for you. You can't do any more than what you can do. I'm just glad you stopped in to say 'hi!'
I love all your crochet creatures - the little black one at the far right is just too cute! My kitties would have them played-apart in minutes. Our current tribe of 5 are the sweetest fur-babies on the planet. Until you give them a mousy toy. Then they are vicious: tails come off, ears are eaten, and belly stuffing always leaks. *sigh*

#7 01-12-2019 
Heya, welcome back! I sure have missed you being around!

#8 01-12-2019 
Sorry you have been out sick so much Kiri! I am glad to be done with many paws it does get better on the other side Smile

#9 01-12-2019 

Mine have been quality testing them, whether I liked it or not. The great thing about the catnip mice is that they're all made in one piece so they can unravel the mouse but not pull things off. Which works for me.
But yeah - my kitties are the same. Good thing we love them, huh? Big Grin

@Karen Lorraine
I have missed you so much Karen!! many hugs for you with everything you've been doing this year. Since my Danish friend died over a year ago, I haven't been on Skype - but I think we should make a date to talk!

So glad to hear that - how long did it take to get to the other side? I'm starting to get quite tired of mine. Smile

#10 01-12-2019 
Mine hasn't started yet - I'm 53.5 - but with PCOS (which tends to delay things a bit.) I am so ready to get that party started. The sooner it starts the sooner it ends. Nothing in that system ever worked right anyway... I wish they'd just rip the whole thing out! But, nobody else agrees with me on that. *sigh*

I'd be worried that my kitties would choke on the string? We can't use Easter 'grass' or put tinsel on the tree - 'cause they'll chew on it and choke. I'm sure yours are having fun testing though Angel


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