shown name for recolors (objects non bodyshop)
#1 03-12-2019 
hopefully a very easy question and sorry I think I'm just not finding the right words to use a search function (name and recolor are giving too many results)

With testingcheats enabled there is a yellow box when holding the mouse over an object or in this case a recolor that would show further information. I seem to remember that one of the lines could be used to to name a recolor (like black, blue, pink) but I don't know which line that is. I'm guessing it's one of the lines in the MMAT ? name or modelname maybe? and the creator line is showing only zeros can I change that one?

Thanks in advance!
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#2 03-12-2019 
You cannot edit the internal filenames of a package or it will break. When you hover over the recolor icon it will show you the creator name, which may or may not be helpful.

#3 03-12-2019 
oh ok thank you, so i could just "abuse" the creator field and put the name of the color in there instead?

#4 03-12-2019 
If you mean the creator string that is a set of numbers in the MMAT, no. You can add dtString value and put it there if you like, but generally the internal name has the creators name in it.


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