I'll Be Home For Christmas
#1 17-12-2019 
We aren't going to be able to get the van from the shop before Christmas, which means we wont be going to his family's. Which is sort of almost ok with me. Not truly, because Brandon and the kids are disappointed, and there wont be much of a Christmas here, but I'm really not a fan of Christmas (as an event). I've been finding it harder and harder every year to find the Christmas spirit every year, this year's been by far the worst. I try, because of the kids, but I'd probably be just as happy to skip it all together. My side of the family doesn't get together anymore, neither Mom's or Dad's side. Both used to when I was little. Dad is 2 hrs away. Christmas used to be his favorite holiday, but now it just makes him more sad and depressed, which in turn makes me more sad and depressed. Just venting. Thanks for "listening". Hopefully 2020 will be a better year than 2019 has been.
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#2 17-12-2019 
I'm just gonna hijack this with my own venting.
I have stopped celebrating christmas a few years ago. I don't even decorate at all. I get my cats some special food but usally I forget to give it to them and then do it on new years to distract them from the noise. I'm living alone and even though my best friend is just about half an hour bus ride from here I can't visit her because of my agoraphobia. Wouldn't even want to. She has her own life with her 2 little kids and enjoys christmas very much. I don't wanna intrude and destroy it with my mood.
My family is much farther away but we are not "close" anyways. They usually try to get everyone together on christmas and then do the whole perfect family pretending thing which of course ends up in disaster - such a cliché. Really glad I don't have to put up with that anymore (upside to agoraphobia?Rolleyes ).
There are a few "events" I could go to. A few houses down is an organisation of people who do things like christmas dinner and such but that just angers me even more. They do that for free but the people coming there (and I'm not talking homeless people) only stuff up with food and then leave without helping to clean up or even a thank you. They always advertise it as some kind of contemplative dinner with singing and reading christmas stories which I think sounds really nice and than those self-absorbed people just don't value it.
I'm considering to go to a screening of "Little Lord Fauntleroy" from that group cause there's no food offered with that which hopefully brings out better people (or none at all and I'm alone with those organising it Big Grin )
Generally I can't wait for this year to be over. I already dread the noise that the days around new years will bring they are starting with firecrackers already.

#3 17-12-2019 
If I may, I will vent a little as well. As a kid, I thought Christmas was an okay event, but I think that was mainly a result of how my mom would make such things special. In the Netherlands in those days, Christmas wasn't as big as it is in the US. Santa didn't bring us any gifts, and there was nothing under the tree. Sinterklaas had already spoiled us all on his birthday, December 5th. But still, Christmas was, as we Dutch say, "gezellig" (comfy and cozy, pleasant).

When I was about 16 or 17, I abandoned my religion (I was raised a Roman Catholic). And with it came a decline of appreciation for Christmas. I don't decorate, because what's the point if you live alone? Now I'm 60. My parents are dead, my three sisters are dead to me (and they cannot appreciate me very much, either) and my brother has his own family and stuff. I miss the "gezellig", and I can count on it never coming back. Especially not this year. Because the owner of my apartment (I rent), has decided that a lot of maintenance work needs to be done. There's a lot of breaking and rebuilding, and all that crap has been planned during our winter... So my place is a mess during this holiday season. How can they do that to people...

But I'm not complaining; I'm alive, and the faeces spilling out ot the White House are not directly affecting me yet. But it's not my idea of Christmas.

#4 18-12-2019 
Well, we got evicted and have to be out at the end of the month. No money, nowhere to go, nowhere to store anything. Oh, and I have to find KiKi a new home. Absolutely 0 Christmas spirit here.

#5 18-12-2019 
Oh @mustluvcatz, that is just *c*r*a*p*! How can they do this to you?? That is no way to treat people during this season! What are you gonna do, dear?

#6 18-12-2019 
OMG that's horrible, what are you gonna do? Is Kiki your cat? I hope and wish you all the best you find a solution quickly. I wish I could do something to help.
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#7 18-12-2019 
@mustluvcatz so sorry to hear this news. Your landlord/lady is totally lacking in compassion, or so it seems to me. I hope you are able to find a place for you and your family.

#8 18-12-2019 
Oh mlc! That's awful! I hope things work out somehow! (((HUGS)))

#9 18-12-2019 
So sorry to hear that, MLC, praying for a new home for you and the family xxx

#10 19-12-2019 
{{{hugs}}} To all ya'll. You are all in my thoughts this Holiday season. I wish I could do more.
MLC - I wish we were close enough to offer part of a roof over your heads, or at least watch KiKi until you land somewhere and can take her back.
Please keep us informed (or send me a pm) as events unfold. Heart


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