Finding files by GUID / SimPe search limited?
#1 28-12-2019 
I've been trying to check all my downloads for files that could be replacements/overwrites of the maxis mailbox or trashcan (can't seem to get rid of those pesky things!). I wrote down the GUID of those and thought I could just use the SimPe "scenegraph resourcefinder" and search by those. If I only have my 2 testfiles in the downloads folder it does find them with no problem. However if I add more files/folders (and restart program) it just finishes without any results (still having those 2 files left there it should at least find those again) while still taking quite a while for performing the search.
So I'm guessing there's a limit on how much files SimPe can search through? Does anyone know if that's the case, if I can change it or at least what amount it is? I'm not just asking for myself I wanted to help some friends find those files as well and it seemed like such an easy solution to just search for the GUID.
I wish there was like a tiny program with the pure functionality to search for GUIDs in objects and even recolors and showing their name&path so they can be handled.
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance!
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#2 29-12-2019 
If simpe has a limit for guid searching, maybe try combining with the 50/50? Also, are you checking the recursive option? This will search all subfolders in addition to the Downlaods folder.

#3 29-12-2019 
Isn't that what Delphy's Download Organizer does? ...or is that the MD5 numbers, not the GUID. Sorry if I'm not so helpful Blush

#4 01-01-2020 
@CatherineTCJD DDO is only looking for MD5 hashsums, or did in the past the newest version doesn't even include that anymore. I always wondered why DDO didn't look for GUIDs it seems so obvious to include that but maybe it's hard to code/program?

@HugeLunatic I cannot see any option to check "recursive" on the scenegraph resource finder Huh I'm also not having a lot of luck finding any working links with tutorials how to use the search...

Thank you both for trying to help me! I hope you had a nice christmas and I'm wishing you a happy new year!

#5 01-01-2020 
I think the recursive option is with the regular SimPE scan.... under tools/scan folders. Tick off the GUID Scanner, and next to the 'scan' button on the bottom is a box to tick for recursive capabilities. Tick the box before you push the scan button. Good luck!

...and Happy new Year to you too! Celebrate

#6 01-01-2020 
@CatherineTCJD That seems like a good alternative. It doesn't look like I can scan for a specific GUID but it still lists them and it even marks them red as conflicts for the trashcan and mailbox. Doesn't seem to have a limit either.

Still weird about the resourcefinder, I can see it in the status bar when searching that it does go through my subfolders by the filenames quickly being shown there one after another (next to a progress bar). A limit is the only thing I can think of being the problem. 50/50 didn't work which is why I asked for a possible number of what that limit is so I can make sure not to have more files than that limit in the folder while searching

Well anyways the "scan folders" will work for what I'm trying to achieve, thanks for the tip!


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