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#1 27-12-2019 
hi i've recently got a new gaming laptop. However i get a directx error when i try to launch sims 2 UC i've tried add the cards to the sgr file here's my cards are at the top here's what i did

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#2 27-12-2019 
Putting Intel cards in the ATI section of the file is not going to work!

#3 27-12-2019 
i've moved it is it in the correct place? still wont work please help me i still get the error message

can anyone else help me

these are the other details

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#4 01-01-2020 
why isn't anyone helping me really want the game to work on my laptop but get a directx error it used to work in windowed mode but it was crap as the edge scrolling wouldn't work please help me is there anything i need to add into the docs in my post above
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#5 02-01-2020 
Has it occurred to you that the people who have seen it, don't have an answer for you yet, and that those who may have an answer, have not seen your post yet? Please be patient, not everyone has as much time available as you or I for hanging around here.

#6 03-01-2020 
oh ok

#7 03-01-2020 
I'm unsure why you are renaming the files? It makes it far more confusing imo.

Your video cards.sgr looked completely borked, you can't just remove/edit where ever you want if you expect the game to read it. Did you keep a backup? Because you need to restore the original before any more editing can be done. Your game isn't reading the graphics rules.sgr, which one are you editing?

#8 03-01-2020 
i think i edit document but im not sure i dont know where the original one is would a reinstall restore it? x

#9 04-01-2020 
No reinstall is required. If you have the UC, it might not be so hard, but if you have the CD/DVD version with all EPs/SPs, reinstalling would take a lot of time and a lot of work.

The best thing to do is to delete the entire Sims2 folder in "My Documents" and when you start the game, it will create everything anew with the best default settings it can come up with. Then, post the new <xxxx>-config-log.txt and please add a copy of dxdiag.txt, both WITHOUT changing their names.

If you want to keep your current neighborhoods, households and sims intact, you must FIRST copy the "Neighborhoods" folder to the desktop, though, so you can later put it back where it belongs. The same goes for your "Downloads" folder.

But this is just *my* opinion on how to proceed. I advise you to wait what others have to say about it, first.

#10 04-01-2020 
Removing the documents folder will not regenerate files in program files, which is where the video cards.sgr is located.

There is a sticky in the top of this forum that contains updated video card.sgr files, which you really should have found just by reading. Choose the new one and add in your video card and replace the one in your program files.

Listing which game install you have would be helpful (disk/UC), as said above the game is not reading your graphics rule.sgr.


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