Installing from my old disks--Seeking Advice
#11 17-01-2020 
Silly Q here... What is "George"?

#12 17-01-2020 
@CatherineTCJD -- For what I understood of it, "George" appears to be a noCD executable for TS2, compatible with the M&G disk version as well as the UC. And according to @celebkiriedhel, who mentioned it, George is even already patched for 4GB memory. With a little tinkering, I have located the post in which Kiri mentioned it and provided a link to download it, as well.

#13 17-01-2020 
Ah! ...then, if it's the one Kiri uses, it's the one I use. She gave it to me eons ago (and it is 4GB enabled.) I just had never know it's name was "George". LOL! I hope I haven't offended it and called it Steve, or anything else. Wink Thank you for the explanation, BO.

#14 17-01-2020 
Thank you for the well-wishes, and all the help.

@CatherineTCJD, ha ha! I only found out about George recently and I only used the name George in case it was a sensitive topic to write about on the forum.

I got word from the computer shop this afternoon that they can not reasonably repair the old laptop because even with a working fan it can’t cool itself adequately anymore. I’m so glad I back up after every household so I only lost 2 days of play time and photos!

#15 18-01-2020 
@ShannonSimsFan - wanting to circumvent SecuROM, the disk-search or the Origin-connection on startup of a game, which is the original goal of the noCD executable, is NOT a taboo topic here. We all freely discuss it, assuming that -- after all these years -- Maxis, Electronic Arts AND Origin are all well aware of the existence of these files and their function. They cannot do much to stop the spreading of it anymore either, nor would I imagine that they care at this point.

But I understand your initial reluctance to be too forward and open about it. Big Grin Smart move.

#16 19-01-2020 
I called it George because I call everything George. Big Grin

I have a Cthulhu plushie called George. It comes from a poster from I saw back in the early 2000's (maybe 2004?)

Vote 1 Cthulhu, like George Bush but cuddlier.

I also have a George the Gryphon.

#17 19-01-2020 
LOL, Kiri Big Grin I call everything Steve.

#18 19-01-2020 
I usually only call stuff when there's a reasonable chance that the stuff in question will respond Big Grin

#19 19-01-2020 
LOL, Kiri, that reminds me of the Looney Tunes cartoon. “I will kiss him and love him and squeeze him and hug him and call him George!” Steve is a great name too. @BoilingOil, from what I’ve read, you sound like quite a pragmatist :-)

#20 19-01-2020 
...and then, of course, there's the messrs George(s) Foreman. (How do you even indicate that many of the same thing?)


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