Let's talk about "interesting" mods...
#1 23-01-2020 
hello guys, how are you doing?
so, when i used to play the sims 4 i loved creating drama here and there. in fact, i still do. i love creating a dramatic story between my families: cheating, fights, people using others, so they can get benefits... all that kinda stuff.
talking about ts4; i used to install mods like life's a drama, extreme violence (i've never used it, but i had it there because you never know where's the drama leading yk), teen pregnancy, slice of life, etc.
some days ago i started looking for some similar mods but i didn't find anything. does someone know about some mods like the ones i've mentioned? (i know there's a mod where you can use swords, i saw it on kactus's video but i don't want my sims to use swords lol). and if you don't, would someone be interested in doing something like this? i mean, if that's possible in the sims 2!

all the love in the world (and thank you in advance!) Heart

#2 26-01-2020 
Basically you should look to see what Mods exist, check BoilingOil's here and then check on Simlogical.com, Simbology.com, InSimenator.org and ModTheSims.info Also you can find the most used mod for Teen Pregnancy...called InTeen on Simbology.com and there is a mod for Teen Woohoo by sims2living that includes the option for Teen Pregnancy without the complexity that is InTeen. You can find the sims2living mod on the booty.

life's a drama, extreme violence, and slice of life have no exact equivalent that I know of.

#3 27-01-2020 
(26-01-2020 04:38 AM)lordtyger9 Wrote:  Also you can find the most used mod for Teen Pregnancy...called InTeen

I already installed InTeen, is such a great mod! It conflicts with a lot of other mods tho and that's a shame. Anyway!
Thank you for your recommendation! I'll check sims2living!

#4 27-01-2020 
I use some of a set of mods by sims2living. I don't use the pregnancy ones so I can't really say much about that aspect, teen woohoo works fine. TeenWoohoo is implemented by a mod with a set of tuners. First there are different versions from Basegame to Apartment Life., you pick the appropiate one from S2L_teen_woohoo_BASIC.package, S2L_teen_woohoo_BASICAPARTMENTS.package, S2L_teen_woohoo_BASICBONVOYAGE.package
S2L_teen_woohoo_BASICFREETIME.package, S2L_teen_woohoo_BASICOPENFORBUSINESS.package, S2L_teen_woohoo_BASICSEASONSPETS.package
next you can install the pregnancy mods if you want teen females to get pregnant {I don't know if they work for teen males}: S2L_Teen_Female_Pregnancy_Enabler.package {main mod I am sure}, S2L_TF_bodyswimwear_pregnancy.package
S2L_TF_bodyunderwear_pregnancy.package, S2L_TF_formal_pregnancy.package, S2L_TF_outfit_maternity.package, S2L_TF_pajamas_pregnancy.package

Also there are some other optional tuners: S2L_Tuner_less_love_required.package, S2L_Tuner_less_modesty.package
S2L_Tuner_less_shooing.package, S2L_Tuner_no_jealousy.package, S2L_Tuner_no_love_required.package

The mod works great for me, note that I have it loading late in the loading queue. Good news I have not found any problems when using it, however I don't use all of it. I just use the S2L_teen_woohoo_BASICBONVOYAGE.package {this is the Bon Voyage one that is the newest for me since I play on a Mac} I also use these tuners S2L_Tuner_less_love_required.package, S2L_Tuner_less_modesty.package I have a separte no-jealousy mod so I don't use the no_jealousy tuner

There is an AL version if you need that btw, they have most any version you would need in the zip file. Also there is a read me file in the zip archive file, so you should be able to use it if you want.


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