Grapics Rules Maker says display disconnected
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Hi there!

I play sims 2 UC through origin on a Win10 MSI notebook with a geforce gtx 1050 graphics card. I've manually added sims 2 to the "shield" tab of "geforce experience" in an attempt to force sims 2 to use the gtx graphics card. Then I used the graphics rules maker to do the same. Previously, the game didn't recognize either one of my graphics cards and texture memory was stuck at 32mb. Thanks to the graphics rules maker it now regognizes the intel hd graphics 630 card and uses it properly, but on the gtx card the GRM "device info tab" shows "display disconnected" making TS2 unable to use it .

I would like to know if there is a way I can force sims 2 or the graphics rules maker to recognize the display connection and use the righ card.

[Image: 0699d3c0eab8afed90756f578a19102b7b882ff8.png]

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Not sure if this is the issue, but card 0x1c8d "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050" should just be card 0x1c8d "GeForce GTX 1050".


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