Griping about Nonplayable Sims
#1 03-02-2020 
[Image: TS2-CoachesAreIgnorant.png]

See, this is why University coaches are impossible to please. Zandra was at her new house on campus, running her Castaway-Stories-derived obstacle course (which for some reason makes Sims run it in their swimwear instead of their gym clothes) and getting her exercise like the good little Fitness enthusiast that she is, and this coach walked up while she was scampering up that wall and demanded that she start doing push-ups and whatever! Like, "Hey, you! Start getting some exercise!" "What do you think I'm doing right this very moment?!?" Not to mention that Zandra's fitness gauge is pretty well topped off, so she's Fit as Fit can be...are these coaches friggin' blind? Rolleyes

That's just one gripe of many. Yes, we all know that Cow Mascots are the biggest pains of all; that's why I consider falling in love with a Cow Mascot to be one of TS2's greatest challenges. But feel free to gripe about the Cow Mascots (and anyone else) anyway! Big Grin

So which nonplayable Sims get your goat like none other, and how/why/what/to which degree? Smile
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#2 04-02-2020 
Oh of all of the NPCs University Coaches are some of my least favourite, them and the Charlatans, I have a mod by dizzy that makes the Cow Mascots Slutty so they are a little better than the default, but they can certainly be annoying. I rather like the llama Mascots and I like the Cheerleaders and the maids and gardeners, firefighters, bartenders, baristas etc. are all quite nice. I would like the Grand Vampires, but I despise the hard coded way they go around with their arm in front of their face, hard coded because even if they are not Vampires they still do that behaviour, so I have decided never to make one of the NPC Vampires Playable. Otherwise I like most of the NPCs that one can interact with. Oh and I have a mod that prevents the Mascots etc from going around in the old Mascot outfits after they are made playable, that issue is not an annoyance for me.

#3 04-02-2020 
Ah, the Unsavory Charlatans.... Tongue

[Image: TS2-Mahjong-KileighneyVsCharlatan.png]

So while Kileighney was at the end of her very recent vacation, she challenged the local Charlatan to a game of Mahjong for money. She has a perfect 10 in Logic, she's a natural Games enthusiast, her Games enthusiasm was 9 out of 10 at the time (since she slacked off on the games for a while before going on vacation, thus ruining her perfect 10 in Games), and she habitually earns a side income by going to community lots and beating all comers at Poker and Pool/Billiards. The Charlatan still beat her three times out of three.

The friggin' cheater. Good thing she's rich! Big Grin

At least if he picks your pocket, you have a chance of beating him up and getting your money back. But losing to him at Poker or Mahjong? No such luck. Wouldn't it be nice if your Sims could catch him cheating, like how Grouchy Sims can sometimes get caught cheating at Chess?

IIRC, you don't have Apartment Life, so you don't know the pleasure of High Witches popping in at random on the community lots. The Infallably Good High Witches are nice, but the Atrociously Evil ones like to cover everything in lightning, water and cockroaches. So at least you're missing that mess. Wink

But I like the Grand Vampires. It's actually funny how they go around scaring random people with "Bleh!" actions. And I don't mind the arm across their face. Remember "Plan 9 from Outer Space," how Bela Lugosi played Dracula in that movie but he died before he could finish filming, so the producers brought in some random nobody actor to take Lugosi's place, but the guy looked nothing like Lugosi did, so they had the guy finish Dracula's scenes in that movie by walking around with his arm across his face? The Grand Vampires remind me of that. Big Grin

You definitely need to have a mod which stops them from biting random people, though. Thanks for that little nettle, Maxis. It's been some years now, and I'm still trying to find a good fix for Mrs Crumplebottom's vampirism before Pleasantview finally implodes. Dodgy

#4 24-03-2020 
[Image: TS2-VoodooLovinCoach1.jpg]
Notta Rabbit's quest for babies takes an odd turn.

[Image: TS2-VoodooLovinCoach2.jpg]
"There! Let's see how easy it is for you to make me do a million push-ups when you're madly in love with me!"

Gotcha now, you athletic tyrant! Cool

[Image: TS2-VoodooLovinCoach3.jpg]
Move along, llama breath! Nothing to see here!

And apparently that coach has a "resting evil face," doesn't he? I reckon he loves his job a bit too much.

Meanwhile, over at the Zombie House....

[Image: TS2-ZombieHouseCryptDelivery1.jpg]
Welcome to Zombie Manor! This is the front door.

[Image: TS2-ZombieHouseCryptDelivery2.jpg]
That is the crypt.

Why are you delivering periodicals to the crypt?

Do not deliver periodicals to the crypt! Dodgy

#5 26-04-2020 
[Image: TS2-NottaCoach01.jpg]

[Image: TS2-NottaCoach02.jpg]

[Image: TS2-NottaCoach03.jpg]

[Image: TS2-NottaCoach04.jpg]

[Image: TS2-NottaCoach05.jpg]

In hindsight, I probably should have gotten Notta Rabbit engaged to a Cow Mascot, given the whole Toon Gal theme. But removing a coach from the board while pursuing her quest for preggy belly might be okay for killing two birds with one stone. Confused


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