Changing Prices on CC Stuff
#1 06-02-2020 
File this under "Things that probably shouldn't annoy me but do annoy me nonetheless".

Okay, so every now and then, you come across some CC creator who creates some really nice-looking Simmy floors/ceilings, or walls, or whatever. And they set the price at two, one or even zero Simoleons. This one CC creator in particular (and I'm not saying any names, mind you) has put out oodles of handsome wallpapers and floor tiles with nice, noble and elegant Upper Class words like "Mansion" and "Manor" and "Palace" and "Tudor" in their names. And yet he sets the price of all those elegant-looking house bits at a measly $1 each.

I can understand that some people might want to build a snazzy-looking Simmy house for dirt cheap (even though I personally disagree with that idea; more on that in a bit), but do these stuffmakers not understand that the monetary value of a room's floors, walls and ceilings directly affects that room's Environment score? A room with $20 wall coverings, $20 floor coverings and $10 ceiling coverings will have a much higher Environment score than an equally sized room with $2 walls, $2 floors and $1 ceilings. And Environment matters in many aspects of Simmy life, from impressing the Headmaster (and improving the odds of your little Simmy children getting into a private school) to setting the thin red line between your Sims saying, "Ugh, screw this, I'm miserable, and this room's ugly, so I'm quitting this study session and going outside!" and your Sims saying, "Okay, I'm hungry, I'm sleepy, I'm smelly and I'll have to pee soon, but I'm not far from picking up another point of Mechanical skill, and I really like this room, so I think I'll tough it out and study for a little bit longer."

So by all means, stuffmakers, let the price befit the appearance of the floors/ceilings and walls! Cheap stuff should look rubbishy, just as expensive stuff should look fancy and elegant! See that big, fancy dining room where Lucretia's moseying around? That carpet? "Rizzale's Apothecary" carpet from Parsimonious, around $21 a tile. That wallpaper? Parsimonious' "Ensuisiance" wallpaper (around $19 a tile) for the dining room's bottom layer, and for the top layer, Parsimonious' "Sphere Mono Grande" ($7 a tile...not the priciest fare at hand, but it meshes with the Ensuisiance wallpaper so well!). The ceiling (not visible in that screenshot, alas)? A combination of StephSims' "Wood CEILING Floor 8 - 5x5" (around $10 as a floor, or $4 as a ceiling) and Parsimonious' "Flower of Stone" ($13 floor/$5 ceiling). And as much as I'd like to decorate the new wing of that manor with that "Nineteenth Century Mansion A03" wallpaper, there is no way on Sim Earth that I'm sullying that lovely manor with some cheap, $1-a-tile garbage, no matter how nice that cheap garbage looks.

And sure, objects (like those paintings, that large area rug, those table runners, those sconces, et cetera) can help a room's Environment, as can the presence of diagonal walls and the size of the room itself. But the qualities of the floors, walls and ceilings are indeed important — I dare say crucial — in comprising that Environment score; neglect them at your Sims' peril.

As you can see, Lucretia likes the dining room very, very, extremely much. But mirrors? No, she doesn't like mirrors at all. Big Grin

Cheap stuff should look cheap, and expensive stuff should look expensive. Don't like how your $5,000 house looks? Think of it as an incentive to get busy and rake in more money so that you can improve your house and make it less trashy and depressing...just like real life, right?

Oh, there's the ceiling! Not too shabby, is it? Cool

Anyway, bringing it home now: How would I go about pumping up the prices on all of those $1 "Mansion" bits to something more reasonable...say, $15 or $20 apiece? I assume that SimPE's involved, but what exactly would I be looking for while I'm rummaging around in SimPELand? Undecided
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#2 06-02-2020 
For walls and floors you need to edit the xobj and the str

#3 06-02-2020 
Yup. What she said ^^^.
It's a tedious process; but well worth it in my humble opinion.
I've done most of the obj catalog as well (I started with Phae's 'recat' tutorial, and figured out how to reprice from there...)
EVERYTHING in my catalogues line up nicely, sets with sets, priced cheap to expensive.
It took years. I'm CDO. What can I say...
Now I don't spend my time searching through the dang catalog. ('Course, I don't really play the game either, I build. So, maybe catalog tidiness isn't an issue for you?)

#4 01-08-2020 
(06-02-2020 03:57 PM)HugeLunatic Wrote:  Stuff
Oh. It's you again. How's your little buddy Prah doing these days?

So I tinkered around with some of those dirt-cheap "Mansion" and "Kronenberg" wallpapers (but not with all of them, because like Catherine said, it's a long and tedious process). I set the red-curtained Kronenberg prices at $15 in the end, and the Environment effects are somewhat better, but at a second glance, I may end up throwing these wallpapers out anyway. Look at how drab and blurry the Kronenberg wallpapers are! Look at all those vertical seams where the content creator couldn't quite figure out how to make the tiles blend together! Surely I can do better than these wallpapers.

[Image: TS2-DirtCheapMansionWallpaper4.png]

[Image: TS2-DirtCheapMansionWallpaper5.png]

But then again, I'm sure I could do much worse, right? Undecided

(The corner separators and the three-tile murals are from another creator's Sistine Chapel pieces, and they go for around $20 a tile. They're pretty spiffy, I think.)

#5 01-08-2020 
I seem to remember someone named TatianaD-? made some absolutely gorgeous old-world Rococo wallpapers. I think they were on MTS? From back in 2007-ish?

Repricing is fun Dodgy ...not. But, oddly satisfying Big Grin

Lookin' spiffy up there Heart

ETA - apparently she left MTS:
Nope - sorry - current profile is here:
[Image: MTS_TatianaDokuchic-669226-SalondeVenusP1.jpg]

#6 01-08-2020 
(01-08-2020 06:01 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  I seem to remember someone named TatianaD-? made some absolutely gorgeous old-world Rococo wallpapers. I think they were on MTS? From back in 2007-ish?
I don't think I'm familiar with her work...yet. Time to look her up! Smile

(01-08-2020 06:01 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  Repricing is fun Dodgy ...not. But, oddly satisfying Big Grin how pulling a stubborn thorn out of your backside is oddly satisfying, I'd say. Tongue

(01-08-2020 06:01 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  Lookin' spiffy up there Heart
It's all about the paintings. Big Grin

(01-08-2020 06:01 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  ETA - apparently she left MTS:
Nope - sorry - current profile is here:
[Image: MTS_TatianaDokuchic-669226-SalondeVenusP1.jpg]
Shiny floors + translucent curtains + OMSG THAT CEILING! = WANT

Those Winter Palace walls in her Uploads look pretty charming too! I might grab those as well. I wonder how much they cost per tile.

It's just too bad that her Sterling Sims site is no more. I can only wonder how many treasures went down with that ship. Sad

#7 01-08-2020 
When I get my shiny new Simming 'Beast' (that Kunder is building for me) and I get to play with my CC again - I'll see what I have of it. If I remember right, I have a lot of it - I'll send you some, if you want?
The floors are Teko's (TSR) and they'll slow down your machine if it's not capable.
The curtain are SIP - and their stuff is hosted somewhere... SimPearls, maybe?
The ceiling is a rug, of course... I don't know if she released that or not? Cool though!

SIP archive site:
...and these MAY be the curtains - from gift 4:

LOL! Apparently I got nothing else to do today Big Grin
(I'm cloning my dying HD... *waiting, waiting, waiting*)
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#8 01-08-2020 
The ceiling is a rug? How do you get that to work? Undecided

(I assumed that it was something like a 12x12 floor/ceiling tile image, but of course the problem with those is that, unless your room is of a certain size and in a certain X/Y position on the entire lot, the image gets broken. And rotating the tiles only makes things worse. If only Maxis could have come up with a better way to handle multi-tile ceiling/floor images.)

#9 01-08-2020 
Carpet tiles. And yes... very fiddly to rotate and place.
...Not to mention that your carpet catalog is now filled with 100 tiles your only gonna use once. *sigh*
BUT - it sure is pretty! Angel OMG!

#10 03-08-2020 
(01-08-2020 07:48 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  BUT - it sure is pretty! Angel OMG!
Did I ever mention how much I love your gift for gab? Big Grin


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