Creating Sims for Offbeat Reasons
#1 10-02-2020 
Evidently, Warlokk had watched "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" a few times when he was inspired to create the Toongal bodyshape (...and if you don't remember that movie because of the oddly sultry and quotable Jessica Rabbit, then you remember it because of either the very British Bob Hoskins doing a flawless East Coast American accent or the crazy-scary archvillain, right?).

But for me, the Toongal bodyshape is one of those things which makes me ask myself, "Why in blue blazes did I download and install this?" I've had that bodyshape in TS2 for about four or five years now, and — until now — I've never created a single Sim with it. Why not? Because look at it! Look at that horridly thin midsection! Where do her vital organs go? How do you cram twenty feet of small intestine into that abdomen? Sure, real women have curves, but not like this! Confused

Yes, I have oodles of bodyshapes and skin colors for Simmy men and Simmy women alike. Only one or two of them are Toongal, though. I didn't even bother downloading any clothes for the bodyshape! I took one look at Toongal and immediately figured that I'd never want to create a Toongal Sim. And then, years later, I did.

But for want of Toongal clothes, I had to dress my new Toongal Sim in the next closest thing: Clothes for the Classic Pin-Up bodyshape. Toongal and Classic Pin-Up share a similar bust size and a similar hip size, although they most certainly don't share the same waist size!

"So Pizzatron," you might ask, "if you despise Toongal so much, then why did you eventually create a Sim with that bodyshape?"

The answer? "A random fit of curiosity. I wanted to see how a Toongal Sim would look when pregnant. Did Warlokk even bother giving Toongal a pregmorph? How would a baby bump fit into a spindly abdomen like that?"

So that's the entire reason for Notta Rabbit's existence: Just so I could see what she looks like with a bun in the oven. And that's not the only frivolous reason for creating a Sim; how many of us haven't created a small army of Sims just so we could immediately kill them off and populate a cemetery with their ghosts? And surely there are other frivolous, bizarre or senseless reasons for creating Sims out there.

So what are some of the weird, lacking-in-gravitas reasons that you've ever had for creating a Sim? Big Grin
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#2 13-02-2020 
well I think I'm the odd one out who doesn't really play with her dollies cause I prefer building too much. So basically the sims I create are crash-test-simmies for new cc and my builds.
I did create a family once and tried to kill them off to get a tombstone but I actually wasn't successful cause it was a family with kids and the social worker came before anyone died *lol*
I also have a lot of mods in the game to stop sims from annoying me with any possible needs (need freak Wink ) so that also kinda stopped my "lets kill a sim" moment. (I decided deco tombstones are better anyways)
I installed the Eric Northman Sim cause he looks just so much like he should and I needed to have that, however I never did anything with him after, so he's just sitting there in my family bin. Oh and I made a clone of a sim once just to see if I can (they are both living on the same empty lot now waiting for me to abuse them)
hope you will share the pregmorph of that sim and I think this is a funny topic!

#3 13-02-2020 
LOL! "Crash-test-simmies" - yup, me too. I'ma builder Wink I've made a few sims over the years, tried to get into 'skinning'... blah... I just wanna build.
I've got all the in-game non-human skins defaulted out (they annoyed me.) I do have a blue alien family - with astiees sparkling blue skin/on MTS, I believe? - that I really like a lot. Their names are Cassie and Cosmo. They have a blue standard poodle (well, white with blue puffs) whose name is Comet. I never 'play' them, but every once in a while, if I'm in testing some build in their hood, they'll stop by to see what I'm up to. It's kinda nice to see them. Wink

#4 17-02-2020 
It sounds kind of like what I do with things like my hobby dorms: build a lot, create a Sim or three just to see if the lot works, and if it doesn't, they go back to the Sim Bin while I tinker around with the lot some more. Once that's done, I grab those Sims and try, try again.

(13-02-2020 09:54 AM)Lucydique Wrote:  crash-test-simmies
I'm stealing that, by the way. Big Grin

Meanwhile, at the Abstractivism NOW! hobby dorm....
Notta has a while before she discovers motherhood, but thus far, her quest for love has gotten her into the Landgraab Society. So that's cool. Smile

(But that blazer does not befit her figure at all! Undecided )

#5 11-05-2020 
So Notta finally graduated from University...

...and moved into a good-sized loft apartment.

(Soon before, I had finally broken down and downloaded a heap of outfits for the Toon Gal body shape. She took a quick detour through a Simmy H&M store and bought several of those Toon Gal outfits before coming to the apartment complex, so she's wearing one of those outfits in this pic.)

Her relationship with Coach Gavin wasn't working out, so she found a far more worthy man to introduce her to motherhood.

(You get one guess on whom the father is. Tongue )

Unfortunately, out of all her Toon Gal outfits, not one of them has a pregmorph! This is a later screenshot of Notta in her third trimester (or whatever you call it after a pregnant Sim goes through her second "BWOOMP!"). Where is her baby bump? There is no baby bump!

And so, alas, back to nude photographs of Notta we go.... *heavy, reluctant sigh*

Pregnant Toon Gal body, Second Trimester/First "BWOOMP".

Pregnant Toon Gal body, Third Trimester/Second "BWOOMP".

So the Toon Gal preggy belly has the usual front-to-back depth, but its side-to-side width is still very slender. So that must be a very skinny baby brewing in there!

(Yes, she finally patched things up with Coach Gavin. But she's still lugging around Lar Luren's babies. I might need to work on her romantic fidelity a mite.)

Then she got out of bed, wandered around the apartment for a bit and suddenly started making those god-awful noises that some women raising families in deep-rural farming communities are known to make every nine months. Tongue

And then twins popped out. The cheese cake worked! Big Grin

Oh, wait...Notta was pregnant with twins. Twins in a Toon Gal preggy belly. Yes...yes, very skinny babies indeed!

So evidently, Gotta and Bunny got almost everything from their mother, but they definitely got their father's big, purple, mystic-looking space alien eyes. Fascinating. They might end up looking very pretty when they hit maturity. Smile

As usual, I couldn't wait for the twins to get out of that annoying infancy stage. Bring on the double toddlerhood!

"Hi, Mom! I want to eat your eyes!"

No, Bunny. Please don't.

So anyway, thus concludes this exciting episode of "When Certain Simmy Bodyshapes Get Pregnant". Think I should tackle the Momma Lisa bodyshape next? Or maybe the Faerie Girl bodyshape? I could even get a Neanderthal man or a Bodybuilder man abducted by a UFO and see what he looks like with an alien hybrid in the oven! I have oodles of bodyshapes. We come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so why shouldn't our Sims? Tongue


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