Error: No stack object present when required.
#1 19-02-2020 

I'm wondering if anyone knows why this error happens - it's occurred 3 times the previous two times I've played the game. I think it might be a CC problem (haven't had a chance to test without yet) but I was wondering if someone might be able to read something from the error logs because nothing obvious is jumping out at me. It's definitely happening when sims are interacting (which I assume is why it's Controller - STA to LTA) but I haven't managed to find out what action they are doing when the error occurs, because each time I was controlling a different sim and the others were interacting autonomously.

Thanks in advance!
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#2 19-02-2020 
Usually, when an error is caused by something anysim does, that sim's name is at least sideways mentioned somewhere in the error log. These logs, however, do not mention any specific sim at all. So the error happens on a level that is beyond your sims. It must therefor be an automatic, time-related function. And that makes sense since the 'Controller - STA to LTA' procedure is mentioned.

Here's the thing: at specific hours during the sim day (or sometimes every so many sim hours), the Long Term Relationships between every two known sims is re-calculated based on the changes in their Short Term Relationships in the past few sim hours. But for this process to take place, the Controller must be supplied with the Object id number of a sim. Now if you look at the first mentioned frame in each log, it says the following:

Iterations: 1
  Frame 3:
    Stack Object id: 0
    Node: 2
    Tree: id 4112 name 'Sub - Calculate LTA Speed' version 3
    from Controller_STAtoLTA
    Prim state: 0
    Params:    Locals: 0

The Stack Object seems to be 0. In other words, the controller is not given a sim to work with. This should not be possible at all.
Which leads me to believe that a mod that you recently added, is incorrectly calling this Controller for some reason. And now the question is, did you add any mods to the game just before this error started happening? If so, remove all of them and check if the game works normally without them.

And if this involves multiple mods, add them back one at a time. After adding a mod, play a few sim hours, and see if the error comes back. If it does come back, you'll know that it's the last mod that you added which causes the issue.

Once you know which mod does this, let us know, and provide us with a link to the exact page where we can DL that mod, so we can investigate why it does this.

#3 27-02-2020 
Thanks for the reply BO! I had a chance to play for a while over the weekend and fortunately (or unfortunately in terms of finding the source of the problem) the error seems to have stopped occurring. It happened once the first time I loaded up the game and then did not happen again in any family I played. It was at least a sim week in multiple households so I'd imagine that's enough time for the issue to crop up if it was going to (considering how frequently it was happening the previous time I played). That does leave me with the question of what exactly caused the error in the first place, but I have no way to find out unless it crops up on a consistent basis. Thanks for offering some explanation anyways!

#4 28-02-2020 
You're welcome, @TheDarkLady. I will gladly try to help, if I think I can. I'm happy for you that the problem did not persist.

If you added or removed mods shortly before the errors (sadly, you didn't give any conclusive information on that), then it is always possible that the errors only occurred because the game was adjusting to new conditions. It could also just have been a freak accident. Even at the best of times, the game has always been a bit unstable. So it is hard to be certain.


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