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I am aware this has been an on-going topic and people have been helped, although I have tried methods others have used and I'm still unable to access the shadows and smooth edges settings. These files such as 'Fun with Pets' and 'SP9' I'm not seeing in my folders, and have used similar ones such as 'Pets' but no SP9 folder to be found. Help would be much appreciated! Tongue

#2 25-02-2020 
This is obviously a graphics related question. So, I think the "Sims 2 Graphic Cards" section was a more appropriate place to put it. I therefor moved it here from the Tea Room.

@HinekoEcho, you have given us very little information to work with, so we must now resort to making some wild assumptions. For example, you do not mention whether you have the disk version of the game or the Ultimate Collection. Since the folders "Fun With Pets" and "SP9" are only present if you have the UC, that would lead me to believe that you have a disk version of the game.

Please let us know which version of the game you have and what version of Windows you're running on, and also attach your config-log.txt file to your next post. Without all that information, it will be impossible for anyone to help.


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