[TS2 Ultimate Edition - Windows 10] Game crashes upon entering Create-A-Sim screen
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Sorry about that. I've only been browsing these forums for a couple of days. Had I known about GRM, I wouldn't have used it.
I guess I'll figure the rest out by myself, so I want to thank anyone who helped me so far.

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Yeah, I hope that @Kunder has one or two ideas, or that @celebkiriedhel shows up with some terrific solution soon. But I fear that the chances of fixing this are getting slimmer every day. I wish I knew something more helpful and positive to add...

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If the game is running, even after using GRM, you will want to manully edit the video card.sgr and the graphics rules.sgr again. If your log shows your video card is being read, then you don't have to edit the video card.sgr. But since the screen resolution is wrong, you need to edit the graphics rules.sgr.

Search for ScreenModeResolution and change low and med to match high, make sure the texture memory you previously added is there as well. If you cannot adjust smooth edges, there is something else to edit that I cannot think of atm.

It's possible that you had edited something previously the game did not like. Maybe try keeping a backup of the graphics rule.sgr so you can replace if it starts crashing?

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Yes, I agree. Running out of Ideas. I was warning people two years ago that this was going to happen. This is NOT an "I told you so" post, however, people do need to look around a bit and read. I've finagled Win10 as far as I can, and I concur, with every update, Win10 is less, and less able to run The Sims 2.

So.... Unless someone can write an emulator that PROPERLY runs TS2, figures out how to get it running PROPERLY with Linux, or FreeBSD (I've tried), GOG fixes it, or other.... THIS is my FINAL solution, and the ONLY one, guaranteed to work FIRST time, EVERY time.


Here is a QUICK reminder of what to buy. It may involve some upgrade work, or maybe even a little repair. GET A SET OF COMPUTER TOOLS. IT'S *NOT* THEORETICAL PHYSICS TO FIX UP AN OLDER LENOVO THINKPAD!

Why ThinkPads? Because parts are cheap and plentiful, build quality is fantastic, they're EXTREMELY reliable, and they're very easy to work on, and the computers themselves including upgrades, are under $550 USD. Probably a little higher elsewhere.

WINDOWS 7, or WINDOWS 8.1 ONLY! There are virus-free copies of these floating around out there. Find one!

Short laptop list AGAIN:

T500 w/ATI Radeon Mobile 3650 *ONLY*.
T420/T420s/T520 w/nVidia *ONLY*.
T430/T430s/T530 (PREFERABLY with nVidia).
T440p/T540p/ *NOT* the T440/T440s!!! HD4600m on-board iGPU (Win8.1/Win7), or GT730m dGPU (Win7 only).
T460p *NOT* the T460. You NEED to be running Win7Pro on this machine to use the GeForce GT940m video.

W series:
ALL "W" series laptops are graphics workstations, ALL have some version of a Quadro, dGPU. ALL Quadro dGPU's will run TS2 just fine *IF* you're running Win7.

DESKTOPS: ANY older desktop running WinXP, to Win7, and a halfway decent video card will work.

If you know computers pretty well, you'll know which others you can use also. If you're NOT computer savvy, venture outside this list, at your own risk! You can always ask me too.

ALWAYS upgrade to an SSD.
ALWAYS try and have at LEAST 6gb/RAM.
ALWAYS either install a second hard drive, or get an EXTERNAL hard drive for backups.
All these ThinkPads support either mSATA, or M.2 NGFF drives EXCEPT the T500.

If you need ANY help with this, I'm here. I'm currently very busy, but I DO at least check in daily, and I WILL get back to you.

Please do not take my bold type as shouting. It's simply to get Y'all to notice the important things. Smile
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