Outfits to Bodyshapes: Possible or Not?
#1 11-03-2020 
So after a necessary upgrade to the latest version of SimPE, I recently succeeded in changing a Servo's bodyshape or physical appearance. There may be other ways to do it, but the process I used involved creating a new Sim with the Servo's desired appearance, then using Sim Surgery to copy that Sim's appearance to the Servo. The second Servo so converted now looks like this:

[Image: TS2-OutfitToBodyshape01.jpg]

...because nothing says "synthoid" like chalky white skin, purple irises, gray lips and no eyebrows, right? Wink

Then I started playing around with the original Sim whose appearance was cloned onto the Servo, giving her a new skin tone, some new lipstick and some eyebrows. For those who aren't familiar with the many bodyshapes available for TS2, this bodyshape is named Girl Next Door, created by Bobbythehacker (aka. BobbyTH). I'm not sure why he gave the bodyshape that name, because when was the last time you saw a girl in your neighborhood who was this built?

[Image: TS2-OutfitToBodyshape02.jpg]

[Image: TS2-OutfitToBodyshape03.jpg]

I really like this bodyshape, too! Her torso's a bit long-ish (most notably the midriff between her breasts/sternum and her navel/lower abdominals), but otherwise, GND is a great bodyshape for Simmy women who are physically fit and pleasantly muscular; in that regard — in my humble opinion — GND may be even better than other bodyshapes tailored for athletic Simmy women, including Fit Chick, Power Girl, Body Builder Girl, Amazon and Cyclist. I mean, just look at her abdominals and her lats! Are her torso muscles solid or what?

The problem here? That's not an actual bodyshape in its Naked form; it's just an Everyday outfit (one of the True Naked outfits from Blue Heaven Sims, if I recall). And I don't have the actual Girl Next Door bodyshape, seeing as BobbyTH seems to have vanished off the face of the planet (except for a Facebook page which he apparently hasn't logged onto in years), and evidently every Simming site which hosted GND for download has since gone under. So I only have GND as outfits for every clothing category in my catalog (yes, even as Outerwear; no, I wouldn't even think of sending my Sims out into a snowstorm in anything less than full coverage. But the rest aren't out of the question, especially Swimwear; how many of us haven't gone skinny-dipping or hot-tubbing au naturel? Big Grin ).

Despite her appearance there, Abba's natural bodyshape is Classic Pin-Up with a Navetsea skintone. So that's just a nude Girl Next Door outfit with the Classic Pin-Up's skintone painted over it. And Sims who "shapeshift" and change bodyshapes when they change or shed their clothes kind of irk me a bit. But again, no GND bodyshape here.

So this goes back to our Servo now. For want of a bodyshape, how easy would it be to convert an outfit to a Sim's base appearance or bodyshape? Could that outfit be cloned onto a Sim's Naked appearance to effectively give that Sim the GND bodyshape, as it can be done with Servos? Or will nothing short of cloning or remaking the GND bodyshape with Milkshape suffice? Undecided

Thanks in advance.
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A bit late to the party....

May I suggest you DL Chris Hatch's Huge Clothes Collection.
In it you'll find the girlnextdoor-MultiMesh.package.
You can use CAS to pull the different outfits you like.

For my UC_M&G I limit the Multi-meshes to only a few that I like.
And pull only the liked outfits as well.
The whole collection is too "Huge".

What's better!?
You can pull textures from outfits you like, but don't care for the body-shape.
Most don't need any finessing at all.
Way Cool!


#3 11-07-2020 
Well, I've done a bit of Googling around for "Chris Hatch Huge Clothes Collection" and "girlnextdoor-MultiMesh.package", but for some reason I can't find any good hits. I think Chris Hatch went underground or lost his website recently, so that might be the reason.

Maybe the Graveyard has it. It's worth a look. Or would you happen to have a good link, by chance? Undecided

#4 16-07-2020 
I have archive of some BackAlleySims' stuff here, there are some clothes for the shape at least under Bobby's section. Smile

#5 16-07-2020 
(16-07-2020 07:41 PM)digi Wrote:  I have archive of some BackAlleySims' stuff here, there are some clothes for the shape at least under Bobby's section. Smile
Thank you! That's definitely worth a look-through. I might have to do the time-honored "one download at a time" testing to see what's what. Thanks again. Smile

#6 18-07-2020 
I think I might have found something. Would the huge clothes collection from Chris Hatch be this "26,000+ Outfits" download, perchance?


And I quote the info.txt file found in that download:

Quote:Updated June 12th 2015 to include Naughty Girloutfits

This is an replacement to my old Huge Fashion Model Outfit Set
It is now only suitable for T&A stuff (or A&N but the outfits are not 'family Friendly').
The outfits depend on meshes and some textures from T&A/A&N so they will not work without one or the other.

There is no longer a support file for this set as a whole for non T&A. Instead I've most of the outfits and meshes available seperately for all users HERE.

Note: the outfits pictured above are only available in C34 and Hourglass bodyshapes

I'm not sure how many outfits are for what catagory or body shape but SimPe shows over 26,000 outfits in the file.

These were all written for T&A and will not show as CC, the various bodyshapes will be seperate from each other and from all other outfits and will each have their own icon. As they are not seen as CC they will be at the bottom of your clothing bin, I have included a set of collection files here to save 'digging' for them in CAS.

Ideally the file should go into..
C:\Program Files\EA Games\The Sims 2 Tits and Arse Stuff\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins\
It will work from your download folder just fine but the game will make deleting them available in CAS/BodyShop, if you delete one outfit that way then they will all be deleted.
The collection files should you choose to use them, should go into your Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Collections\

Note: no mesh required (already in T&A and A&N) but a recent (May 2015 or newer) update of T&A/A&N is required

All bodyshapes are categorised to work with the tigerking's bodyshape project.

Outfits include the following 34 bodyshapes
Athletic Girl
Classic Pinup Girl
Fashion Model
Girl next Door
Gypsy Rose Lee
Kurvy K
Made of Dreams
Midwest Farmer's Daughter
Momma Lisa
Natural Beauty
Power Girl
Naughty Girl
Body Builder
FM 36D

That is a mountain of clothes and bodyshape-compatible outfits! I wonder if any of them are compatible with BSOK.

Anyway, might this be the collection you mentioned, Savagegrace?

#7 20-07-2020 
Okay, problem:

[Image: TS2-ChrisHatch26000NonMeshes.jpg]

That Chris Hatch package has thousands of outfits, all right...but no meshes. So now I have scores of pages with nothing but levitating heads.

Bummer, really. Unless I can dig up 26,000 clothing meshes, then I'm afraid I'll have to toss out that package. I really like collecting snazzy outfits too, especially when they cater to a wide variety of bodyshapes. Sad


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