Old game, exotic card
#11 20-03-2020 
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I did just check it-and it says exactly 4096 for memory!

I don't run it in admin mode-I'm using the altered exe for gameplay. Admin is only for the computer, not me.

It'll make this present time a lot more pleasanter than it could be. I can't imagine being without any pixels at all. I was going a bit batty during these last few weeks..

#12 05-04-2020 
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After much frustration and head banging, I have finally gotten the game to run not only without pink flashing, but also in the correct screen resolution!

That only happened when I re-read the instructions for re-setting the graphics modes for the game, altered the Config file to the screen resolution that I have. Lo and behold, it worked!

I found that the Graphics File maker had applied the right resolution to the wrong line, and I had to manually put it into the 'low' default settings.

So now is all well and good in this part of my world-in a time when all the news seems to be dire and getting worse.

Thank you all for your help!
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