Pink Flashing, Crashing, and d3d9.dll
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Since my job is put on hold due to Coronavirus, I figured now was a good a time as any to try to get my Sims 2 up and running again, and this place seems to be the place to go for Sims borkery, so hello everyone. Blush

I've got Ultimate Collection and am attempting to run it on Windows 10. I've got a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card. Last time I ran it about a month ago, I was running into some Pink Flashing issues but then Origin decided to update my game for some reason and then all my settings got reversed so I did my best to try to get myself back to where the problem first started.

I've done a whole lot of stuff like allocating the Virtual Memory, the 4gb Patch, messing around in the Graphics Rules etc. I made a new Graphics Rules using Graphics Rules Maker, but I saved my old one that had all of my manual changes to it since that one seemed to work a little better. I did Graphics Rules Maker to try and get the d3d9.dll file to work. There's some fix with that where its supposed to help with the Flashing? I dunno, whenever I put that file in my TSBin folder, my game doesn't launch at all.

The Pink Flashing seemed to stick to just thumbnails but it would go away if I changed the design on the object or whatever, but that's not a perfect solution, and I know that once it starts, it just continues until it's everywhere. Deleting the thumbnails got rid of some of the Pink Flashing, but not all of it.

The crashing is random. I'll be in buy mode and loading up a new page and away it goes. I haven't really tried to play the game properly so I can't really say for sure if it'll crash in Live Mode or CAS, but it wouldn't surprise me. Seems like if it has to load something bigger the game just gives up.

I've attached my Config, DxDiag, as well as my older Graphics Rules that I edited manually and the newer one that I tried to make with Graphics Rules Maker to get that d3d9.dll file to work. Kinda flying on the seat of my pants here with all of this, and any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm gonna be stuck in the house for two weeks if not longer. Sad

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I think you definitely need to add the texture memory line as you had in the old one. Otherwise there is a post on tumblr that seems promising.

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That would be the seti texture memory line right? The one that says 8245?

Also I'll have a look at that tumblr post next. Thanks!

Edit: I did both step one and step two that they had listed there, but I still wound up with crashing while going through my buy mode. It's not a piece of custom content either as it happens randomly as I'm browsing the catalog. The pink flashing seems to have stopped, but there looked to be one thumbnail that still had it but I wasn't able to get to it before my game crashed.

I had done something with the virtual memory before (something that involved some math I know that), but I don't think I did it correctly.
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Yea, the seti memory is what I meant. I don't have a link, but a post is floating around tumblr about how some cc is causing crashing due wrong thumbails. The culprit was a set by pineapple forest at MTS.


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