Hihi. :P
#1 16-03-2020 
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Helloo! c: I go by AwkSim & LunaMouse on the web. I play sims 2 3 and 4. I just stumbled accross this site today. Ive been lurking for a little under an hour but I love to try and stay in the sims loop so I decided to join you all.

I gots a simblr that is pretty much just one big cc archive.

You can find that here .

#2 18-03-2020 
Well, welcome aboard there! Smile

#3 26-03-2020 
Welcome to LeeFish LunaMouse, I think that this server has some of the nicest people that I know of. I am usually around, but I don't post all that much for the most part.

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#5 30-03-2020 
Hi AwkSim/LunaMouse, welcome in the pond. I hope you'll enjoy yourself here.

I must say, this is a rare fluke: on a site where well over 90% of members are female, the first four who greet you are all male!


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