Tried Everything to get UC working on Windows 10
#1 17-03-2020 
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Hi all! I have recently built a new gaming PC and I have tried so many different ways to get UC on Origin working but to no avail Sad
The game has never been able to launch, I always get the DirectX 9.0c error. I have attached DxDiag and my config log along with the error I always get.

So far I have tried:
-Increasing the available memory
-4GB patch
-Graphics Rules Maker
-Running in windowed mode and as administrator.
-with and without compatibility mode.
-running on a virtual Windows XP machine.
-Most recently I have updated the config log to contain my graphics card (radeon RX 580)

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!


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.txt  DESKTOP-K2BMCOS-config-log.txt (Size: 9.47 KB / Downloads: 314)

#2 17-03-2020 
According to your config log, you do NOT have the 4GB patch enabled nor is your video card listed correctly. It lists an Nvidia 7800. Graphics Rule maker mostly does things wrong with windows 10 and newer cards. I'd suggest you repair the game via origin and manually edit. Also install directx 11, google should give you a link to it.

#3 18-03-2020 
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Thanks for pointing that out! I recently repaired my game via origin so maybe that reset the config log? I downloaded the new graphics Cards.srg which includes the Radeon RX 580. I’ll try Installing the 4GB patch again and edit the configlog to contain my video card. Do I just change the driver, database, chipset and vendor sections?

#4 19-03-2020 
Editing the config-log file is not going to do anything. The game does NOT read that file, it only WRITES to it.


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