Death to Sims!
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Eek! It looks like Michelle has a bit of a bloodthirsty side! Tongue

Being a benevolent Sim God, I myself never was big on killing Sims, and I especially never had the heart for drowning them, starving them out or employing any other form of prolonged demise guaranteed to wrench on my heartstrings as the poor, hapless, suffering Sim wails and cries and thrashes and wets their pants and whatnot. Fortunately, there are quite a few other means of doing them in (and many of them are far swifter and more merciful than drowning or starvation), particularly once you get into the world of Custom Content! Yay! Big Grin

Fun Ways to Kill Your Sims #1: The Running with Scissors Playset
[Image: TS2-DeathToSims-Scissors1.jpg]
[Image: TS2-DeathToSims-Scissors2.jpg]
(Huh. Evidently, ginormous scissors can kill vampires too.)

Where Do You Get It? Originally? The bygone Sims 2 website. Now? Try this Dropbox link.
What Does It Cost? 20 Simoleons.
Can You Stop the Reaper? Yes.

The good news? You only need one Sim to make it work (though naturally, you'll need two or more active Sims if you plan on stopping the Reaper and saving your reckless Sim from death's door). The bad news? Be ready to use the scissors over and over and over and over before death finally results; just watch for the dumb Sim jumping up and doing the "fright" animation. And be prepared for the slight annoyance of every Sim in the room stopping to watch your Sim running around with a rather large, bladed implement in hand.

Fun Ways to Kill Your Sims #2: SimWardrobe's Crate of Throwing Axes
[Image: TS2-DeathToSims-Axe1.jpg]
[Image: TS2-DeathToSims-Axe2.jpg]
[Image: TS2-DeathToSims-Axe3.jpg]
("It was just a prank, bro!")

Where Do You Get It? Originally, the late, great SimWardrobe site. Now? I'm having trouble finding a link, sorry.
How Much? 300 Simoleons
Can You Stop the Reaper? Yes.

So you need two Sims to pull this off: The doomed Sim and the Sim throwing the axe at that doomed Sim. Your little Simmy executioner picks a Sim from the crate's radial menu, grabs a Bon Voyage axe out of the crate, hunts that Sim down, throws the axe and buries it in his or her forehead. Ow.

Fortunately (because murderous intent apparently doesn't exist on Sim Earth), there won't be any hard feelings between the axe-chucking Sim and the Sim who stopped the axe in a particularly unpleasant way. So feel free to be contrary and save the Sim that you just put down. It's all fun and games until someone picks the wrong skeletal hand of Death Incarnate, right? Tongue

Fun Ways to Kill Your Sims #3: SimWardrobe's Stink Ray
[Image: TS2-DeathToSims-StinkRay1.jpg]
[Image: TS2-DeathToSims-StinkRay2.jpg]
[Image: TS2-DeathToSims-StinkRay3.jpg]
("Whatever you guys do, do NOT sweep him up!")

Where Do You Get It? Same place as the throwing axes.
How Much? 777 Simoleons. (Frankly, the axes are cheaper and just as effective.)
Can You Stop the Reaper? Yes.

My first time using the Stink Ray was a bit of a surprise, because unlike with the crate of axes, the description has no "This object will kill Sims!" warning. So imagine my befuddlement when two dormies in my Tinkering hobby dorm got a nasty, interminable feud going on, with the mini-camera popping into existence to alert me to their brawls every two minutes...very annoying, so I had my active college Sim use the stink ray on one of the feuding parties, thinking that his Hygiene would hit rock bottom and compel him to bumble off in search of a badly needed shower, thus putting a pause on that obnoxious feud. He drew a lot of flies, all right...enough that the flies ate him alive! So his headstone is sitting outside the dorm now, and since nobody liked him and hardly anyone knew him, it looks like he won't be resurrected anytime soon.

Total Dud #1: Vampire Coffin Scares
[Image: TS2-DeathToSims-Coffin1.jpg]
[Image: TS2-DeathToSims-Coffin2.jpg]
(Scylla is definitely not a morning person!)

Where Do You Get It? It comes with the game, mate...Night Life, to be exact!
How Much? About a thousand for the coffin, and an eternally young, sunlight-evading existence for the vampire.
Can You Stop the Reaper? If the coffin scare kills by fright, then I'd assume so. But I have yet to see such a death happen.

The problem with this supposed means of death is that the only time when a vampire will pop up and scare someone peeking into his or her coffin is if that vampire's Energy motive is close to full...say, over 75%, give or take. If the vampire has less Energy than that threshold, then the vampire will continue to slumber as the intruding Sim trepidatiously lifts the lid, steals a peek and closes the lid again. And if your vampire has 100% Energy, then the vampire vacates the coffin and there goes any chance of coffin scares. Nobody wants to peek into an empty coffin, right?

So there's actually a very small window in which you can invite the vampire's dolorous scorn, and unless the probing Sim's motives are already near rock bottom, then the vampire will wake up completely and get out of the coffin before the fright from multiple vampire-inflicted jump scares can take a fatal toll. I originally thought that death by vampire scares would have the advantage of being more controllable and less perilous for would-be Simmy rescuers than death by ghost scares (since you can call off a playable vampire and maybe even get that vampire to intercept the Reaper; no such luck with ghosts, though). But that ghost might have ten or twelve Simmy hours to scare a Sim to death, while a vampire might only have one hour, if even that.

So death by coffin scare seems to be more trouble than it's worth. Pass this one by, unless you just enjoy watching the cute animations of an annoyed vampire trying to get some dadgummed shut-eye. Big Grin

So what are your favorite ways to kill Sims, regardless of how rarely or frequently you do just that? Wink
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#2 25-03-2020 
My Sims are well cared for, and spoiled rotten. I created a box when I first started playing and closed it up with Simmies inside, and set afire, and drowned a few. One, I killed out of necessity (Kept abusing his sister). His daughter begged the Grim Reaper for his life, kinda' breaking my heart. As she is one of my favorite sims, I granted her wish, she won a bet with the GR, and he was resurrected, and had a complete attitude change.

Never again. I'm still emotionally scarred to this day over the wanton killing, and now my sims (with a couple exceptions) are allowed to grow old, and die gracefully Tongue. I can't handle the wailing, and crying, due to my thoughtless actions.

#3 26-03-2020 
You can find SimWardrobe's Mods on I think this archive has them all.

Also I don't kill my Sims deliberately for the most part once in a while I have had Sims die from old age because I made them grow up, and that was because there was problem with the sim that I could not fix involving blank wants, only 3 sims had to die so far for this reason though.

Note: I edited the Link, this one works the last time I checked which was today.
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#4 26-03-2020 
It looks like your link goes to a 404 Error of sorts, Tyger. Those old SimWardrobe goodies are around here somewhere, though. We'll keep looking. Wink

[Image: TS2-DeathToSims-Resurrection.jpg]

So how do you two deal with Knowledge Sims and their hefty "Be Saved from Death" Wants?

#5 31-03-2020 
Quote:It looks like your link goes to a 404 Error of sorts, Tyger. Those old SimWardrobe goodies are around here somewhere, though. We'll keep looking.

So how do you two deal with Knowledge Sims and their hefty "Be Saved from Death" Wants?

I edited my previous post and also this is the new link, I don't know why they moved the content, but that seems to be what they did. The SimWArdrobe Archive:

As for the Knowledge Sims and their Saved From Death Wants, mostly I sort of ignore them, I will sometimes lock the want for a little while if they don't have many significat wants. However I don't really make much of an effort to have that want realized, I don't try to have them die is all, if they do end up dying {which they do more than I like btw} then I try to have them get saved from death.

Not too many days ago I had two Sims die from Flies {with no cheating to achieve this}, because I had a clean bot outside and it got turned on and soon broke. Next thing I knew there were piles of trash all over a large part of the lot and dummy me tried to have my Sims clean up trash. Well I had two die and I managed to save another 4 sims. BTW I run large families of 6 Adults most of the time, so I had a number of sims. I resolved that next time I would cheat and use moveObjects to get rid of the trash piles.

This is after I had cleaned up some of the trash and another Sim was biting the dust.

I do like to have them Abducted and I work on that and I kind of like the wants to see a Ghost in general, so I do work on those sometimes.

#6 31-03-2020 
I might have mentioned one of my Sims dying as an indirect result of his broken CleanBot blanketing his "underyard" (the part of the yard directly under his stilted house) with trash. As Doctor Malevolence was asleep while his Sucktron-9000 was hard at work driving the outdoor Environment into the negatives, all that rubbish had plenty of time to fester before he woke up, turned off his CleanBot and got to sweeping up trash, with horrid results.

I assume that Servos can get killed by flies too, but what about another CleanBot? Should I be building two or more CleanBots per household, in case one of them decides to go haywire like they're known to do?

(And you definitely don't want to use swimming pools or Cowplants to kill Sims if you're trying to land that 8,000-point Want for stopping the Grim Reaper; AFAIK, those are the only two forms of Simmy death which deny you any chance to intercept the Reaper; the Sim dies and turns into an urn or a headstone, and that's it. I'm not sure about vampires dying from sunlight because I've never had that happen. I'm just too good at budgeting my Simmy vampires' time, I guess. Smile )

[Image: TS2-DeathToSims-Resurrection2.jpg]
As a bonus incentive to kill your Sims, I don't think there's a more heartwarming moment in the game than when one Sim stops the Reaper from taking another. Heart

[Image: TS2-DeathToSims-Resurrection3.jpg]
But keep the genies and the Resurrect-o-nomicons handy, in case the Reaper rolls boxcars and wins despite your Simmy 100/100 relationship. Sad

(And has anyone seen what happens when a Good Witch casts the spell that banishes the Grim Reaper from your lot, thus saving a dying Sim that way? I'll have to tackle that one some time.)
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