Sims2 flickering screen problems
#1 10-04-2020 
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Hi there everyone, I'm quite shy asking and only just joined and have no idea really what I'm doing on this site, I have literally been looking for ages for a fix for my Sims 2 game, all the screen does is flicker constantly while playing and not sure why it's rather annoying and I just can't play it like that. So could anyone help me how to sort this out please? Thank you in advance Smile

#2 11-04-2020 
Turning on smooth edges should fix the flickering - have you updated your graphics rules and video cards.sgr files? If not, the smooth edges option will be greyed out. You can follow the instructions here and here to find out how to edit these files - but do *not* use the graphics rules maker tool, even though it is mentioned - it can cause a directX error.

#3 12-04-2020 
This was posted in the wrong section (Tea Room) so I moved it to a more appropriate place. @AmyJ1993, it might help if you followed the instructions at the bottom of the page, adding a new post where you attach your [xxx]-config-log.txt and preferrably also a dxdiag report. Anyone capable of helping you, will then do the best they can.


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