Windows 10 - Crashes in Build Mode Consistently ((Not a CC Error))
#11 01-08-2020 
Thank you for the update! I have a new machine on the way (Thank you, Kunder!) Hopefully, I will be able to play with my CC again soon Smile

#12 01-08-2020 
I've had up to 7 gb of CC, and never had any issues with it. After cleaning out, I now have 4.2gb/CC. I really don't understand why so many people, have so many problems running TS2. I have almost zero issues with it, since I've learned how to finagle the .sgr files, add a few mods, and avoid most corruption. Perhaps it's the particular, NoCD version of my game, the fact that I use ThinkPads almost exclusively, how I choose and set up my hardware, and computer software, or just, plain dumb luck. I dunno'.

I've had "Simming" machines, from a ThinkPad T500/Radeon, to my current ThinkPad W540/nVidia, and every ThinkPad in between (except for a T410), with almost zero issues. I've had it playing on some other brands too, but 90%, are ThinkPads. I suspect partially in my case, it's the particular NoCD version (written by a disgruntled EA Games employee). It's very reliable, and stable. I guess @CatherineTCJD, will find out soon enough, I'll be sending her a new "Simming" machine soon, perhaps she can input some.

Secondly, I know both you, and I use Win7.

I believe that @BoilingOil, uses a desktop with Win7, and he seems to have few, to no complaints with how his game is running.

@BoilingOil, What are we doing that's different than what others are doing that we can run trouble free, and most others, can't? Maybe we should get together, and compare notes. You seem to have the Desktops down, I seem to have laptops down. Maybe it's a matter of "not seeing the forest for the trees".
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I don't think the OS is the reason, nor your no-cd. I run windows 10 with the UC and have had no issues. Before that I had all the disks on this same machine, and at that time I had w7 before the win 10 upgrade. I think the common denominator is we all simply understand computers and how to manually edit what needs editing, and updating or not updating. Or maybe none of the pc's have the newest hardware (or more likely newest GPUs). I don't even have my game files read only and they are in the default c:\program files location.

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In response to @Kunder mentioning me,

Hi friends, I have no clue what's different. But in order to help you all figure it out, I'll tell you all that I know about my setup.

I installed TS2 under Win7 more than 8 years ago, on a machine that no longer exists. That machine had 4GB of memory and two harddisks: the C:-drive contained Windows 7 and most of the system software and tools, while the E:-drive was used to store games (in subfolders of the E:/Game directory) and data such as pictures, music and the like.
All the parts of my system have been replaced at least twice in the meantime, including the disks, and my memory has been upgraded to 16GB. But the win7 installation is not a new reinstall. It's still the same one that ran 8 years ago, but with new drivers added. My windows auto-update has been turned off for many years and I do NOT use IE, because I suspect that Microsoft would use that as a way to infiltrate my system and force Win10 on me. So my Win7 is OLD and probably not up-to-date.

And there is more: I do normally NOT run any anti-virus software at all! I'm just EXTREMELY careful with what I download, from where I get it, and how it's used.
If my system does start to act up, I'll just download one of the newest anti-virus systems, install it, run it once and see what it finds. When I'm sure that there is nothing wrong, I immediately remove that software again. The last time I did that, is more than 3 years ago!

And now the game: it's still the original installation from more than 8 years ago, all from CD/DVD based packs, with an old no-CD executable from a well-known hacks-site, and never more than 2 GB of CC and mods. I've never needed to run the Graphic Rules Maker, because I have just enough knowledge of the Graphic Rules and Video Cards files to edit them manually.
If I get a new videocard, I put it in the system, run the game once, look up the information in the config-log.txt, and edit the video cards.sgr accordingly to make the game find and use the new card properly.
The last time I downloaded a sim or lot from any website or forum, was over 10 years ago. I don't do that anymore, because those are usually the first files to cause problems.
I occasionally delete the groups.cache and the thumbnails files, and let the game generate new copies of them. This is to prevent corruption from building up.
And then, of course, I also use the Special version of No Sim Loaded together with the No Trash Memories mod, so the game doesn't build up too many useless memories.

Somehow, my game always works, even though I always play with testingcheats enabled! I don't know why, and I don't know if it is caused by something I do. Maybe I'm just lucky.
If there is anything that I forgot to mention, just ask. I'll try to answer as completely as I can.

#15 02-08-2020 
I've had a couple different Daily Drivers over the last, six years running Sims 2. Lenovo T420/nVidia with Sims 2 for a year, as well as a T440p/nVidia/HD4600m for four years, and my current, Lenovo W540, for almost two years.

Pretty much, just as @BoilingOil, Win7Pro (optimized), Manage my own .sgr files, I also run BoolProp cheats at game start up, but only use it for a few things. I've also learned what to avoid doing, to avoid most corruption.

After some initial issues, because I was learning the game (corruption, etc) My game has run near perfect, since. I also use a NoCD install that's patched, easy to install, stable, and reliable.
Unlike BoilingOil, I DO run AVAST! AV, which is VERY effective, and game friendly. I stay OFF hackboards with my "DD", and I do not surf porn with ANY computer.

I run a little over 4gb of CC, and mods, but mostly anti "Stuff face", "Stay off my (computer/violin/etc)", and just a couple others to modify unacceptable BS.

All my computers are equipped with dGPU, at least two, SSD's ("DD" has three), anywhere from 16-32gb/RAM, only one was a dual core (i7-2640m), the rest are Quad Core.

C: 1tb Samsung EVO 860, contains all speed critical programs (including, TS2), and the O/S.

D: 1tb Samsung EVO 860, contains my original C: image for fast re-imaging (haven't had to do this yet), non-speed critical programs, and current, and unfinished projects, my custom toolbar, Office, Photoshop, etc.

My E: drive, is a 480gb "My Digital", SuperBoot 2, M.2 2242 NGFF drive. It contains all my TEMP/TMP files, Downloads folder (Windows, not Sims), all my "personal folder libraries", except for "Documents", which stays on my C: drive. It also contains my latest C: image.

My Sims 2 has two "EA Games" folders. One, contains everything, the other, is empty. It's just the way the game sets up.

I have CEP Color enable package, Mootilda's "HoodChecker", SimPE, BodyShop from M&G stuff, Package Installer, 4gb patch, Sims 2 folder "Decrudulator".
I also make use of the "BatBox" on most lots. I do NOT use a SwapFile AT ALL. I do NOT use the "Quad Core Fix". I find it unnecessary.

My Win7Pro hasn't been updated, since early 2017. There's no point in it.
I use the nVidia Control Panel, to run Sims 2 through, and all my other games also.

I keep my O/S cleaned up, and maintained. My Win7 runs just as fast now, as it did after tweaking the fresh install. I keep my SSD's well maintained, and use the best hardware I can find. I keep my TEMP/TMP files OFF my expensive EVO drives, same for Windows Downloads folder, FireFox Portable, and most of my "personal" folders. That's my M.2 drives job.

I've never had any issues, with TS2, once I learned how it worked. Other than the above, I really haven't done anything special, except to try and avoid corruption. No flashing pink, occasional flashing blue, but that's a simple matter. Almost no "lagging", and in six years, My Sims 2, has only crashed twice. A simple reload has always fixed it.

That's about it.

#16 02-08-2020 
I'm not sure honestly what is different besides everything. The devices, the OS you're running, the hardware - all of it is different. I have been editing my .sgr file - more I think in the last few days than usual, but all the same, it's just different. No need to feel as though it's some big mystery - PCs are temperamental. I also play with considerably more cc than you guys do- some 30gb total, and that's just my personal choice.

Thus I will find a way to make it work - and that's all. I'm not sure if I should do an entire bootcamp partition on my hard drive to install Windows 7, so I haven't explored that yet. And for the record - I too had ZERO problems playing UC on Windows 10 until this year. Go figure. So it's safe to say it's different, and even though it's exhausting for you all who hear these issues all the time, there are those of us who will just quietly keep trying to sort out their game. And that's it.

#17 02-08-2020 
Reading @Kunder's description, I realized that I missed some points:

About my computer:
1. Originally, my system started out with ordinary, old-fashioned, mechanical harddrives, but right now, both harddrives are SSDs, which improves the speed on all fronts.
2. Like Kunder, I also do NOT have any SWAPfile, because it serves no purpose on a 16GB system running Win7Pro.

About my game:
1. My testingcheats and several other cheats are switched on while the game boots up, but they are NOT defined in my "userstartupcheat" file. Instead, I've defined them in the file "TSData/Res/Config/globalProps.xml" belonging to the latest EP (Mansion & Garden Stuff).
2. I play fast and loose with the cheats. I switch the moveobjects cheat on and off at the drop of a hat to manipulate stuff, and the 45-degrees cheat is on by default.
3. I'm a micromanager; I'm continuously on the cases of my active sims. If I'm not telling them what to do, I'm at least very closely monitoring their every move!
4. I have the FFS Lot Debugger (batbox) on every residential lot, but I hardly ever use it anymore. I rely on No Sim Loaded and No Trash Memories for my maintenance.
5. I do have most of Mootilda's tools, but I hardly ever use any of them. I've manipulated a few lots with the LotAdjuster and very occasionally check my 'hood with the HoodChecker. I can frequently be found examining stuff in SimPE, though. I observe my sims' memories, their wants and fears, certain tokens, the contents of their inventories. Since it's an open-ended game and there are no fixed goals to play towards, I don't consider it cheating to manipulate stuff as much as I want.

I think I must agree with @Teru8; Kunder and I have some things set up in similar manners, but there are a lot of differences between our games and our ways of playing, too. It's impossible to determine any common rules that explain how to get TS2 to be most stable.
Many players seem to have trouble getting the game to work properly on Win10, but there are also a couple of people who experience no difficulties at all. Maybe it has nothing to do with that. And I'm not sure that the UC has anything to do with the problems, either. On one machine TS2 works, but on another it won't, and it's hard to say why. Just as it has been from the first day the BaseGame was launched in 2004.

I must also mention how I think that @HugeLunatic has a point: the people who can keep TS2 going without problems, also seem to be the people who know what to update and what not. They're not intimidated by computer hardware or the requirements of their software and are comfortable with editing the files manually if they have to.

#18 04-08-2020 
For those struggling with pink flashing - I'm tentatively going to say I've edited the right part of the .sgr file at last and my game is running stably, with 32gb of RAM. Thank all the gods you like. Whew. I've been play-testing for three days, with a 5-hour play session last night, community lot visit, and loading multiple households - no pink, no lag, no crash. Knock on wood. Wanted to share as I know a lot of people have similar problems.

I will caveat by saying that I knew my problem was related to texture memory since I'd only experienced the pink flashing after upgrading my RAM, so if you too have successfully applied the 4gb patch, and are using an up to date Graphics Rules file, and your graphics card is being recognized by the game - then this might also help you.

First, I redownloaded and installed the latest graphics driver for my Nvidia card. It was a studio one that was released a week or so ago.

Then I followed the instructions here: regarding setting my texture memory manually. Now please bear in mind - my texture memory was already 1744 with the texture memory fix in the NVIDIA Graphics rules file that Kiri had made and posted here in the forum, but it would seem that the new ram confused the game and it was dumping textures left and right despite that. Still worth doing all of the steps however, if you have less texture memory in your .sgr than your rig is actually capable of.

I also followed the instructions here:
Highly recommend, as I hadn't edited these settings before, and it's really helped stabilize things on Windows 10.

Both of these solutions have probably been talked about, but half the time it's not the solution but identifying the problem that really causes the confusion. So! I hope that helps someone who's also dealing with this.

and one more thing. Just because someone doesn't know what to edit, or where to find a file doesn't mean they 'simply don't know how to keep things running.' @HugeLunatic I don't know if you meant to sound patronizing, but you did. Every single player who has to deal with an issue will either have to learn to sort it out themselves or they'll have to stop playing. Even you once didn't know what to edit or where to find it. Next time remember that everyone is learning.

#19 04-08-2020 
I'm glad you got things sorted and it works now! Enjoy your CC Celebrate
Thank you for posting your findings too - that's always helpful!
My new simming machine will have 32gb RAM, but a 2gb video card... Did you get a bigger capacity video card? Or just more RAM?

#20 04-08-2020 
@Teru88 I'm sorry you misread who my post was directed at, which was kunder and this comment:
Quote:What are we doing that's different than what others are doing that we can run trouble free, and most others, can't?
I commented on why those two, as well as myself, don't have issues with our games. Never once did I infer or directly say anything derogatory regarding your or anyone else's abilities to edit the graphics rules, or "keep things running" as you said.


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