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#1 18-04-2020 
Hello! (I wasn't sure where to put this, but it's not CC/mod related)

Today I came across a really weird issue in my game - when a sim owns a community lot and is running the business using the ticket machine/bandatron, they do not gain any customer loyalty (the customers show up in the customer tab, but none of the bars are filled yellow as they should be) and thus the business can't build loyalty stars. If you change the bandatron for a cash register and set something for sale, the business starts gaining customer loyalty as normal when they buy things, with the correct star increases etc. Of course, I immediately thought this was a CC/mods issue, so I pulled my entire Downloads folder. The issue still occurred, so I even removed any file I had in the Program Files directory (a couple of overrides, a ui mod, replaced the 4GB patched exe with the original) and the issue still occurred.

I generated a new save folder and still the problem persisted. I tried it on a relative's laptop (they play the game as well), still no luck. I then decided to install it on a new laptop, Sims 2 wasn't installed on it and there's no way there could be any file floating around somehow that could affect things. I simply downloaded the game from Origin and pressed play - and the issue persists! I'm stumped, because there's no way that this has been an issue for everyone for years with no one noticing, right?!

Some things to note:
  • I am playing on Windows 10
  • I use the Origin version of the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection
  • I use a patched version of the exe (has the 4GB patch applied to it), but even without this the issue occurs
  • The problem does not occur on home businesses, just community lots. Home businesses with the bandatron or cash register work as do community lot businesses with the cash register
  • I previously did not have this problem - I know that I definitely had a restaurant with a sim a generation or two ago. Unfortunately, that was both a different machine and also potentially with a non-UC version of the game (thought I don't think so), I am going to check on this machine later and see if it still works.
  • As I tried a completely fresh install on a new laptop, I don't see how this could be related to CC/mods, but at the same time, I'm pretty sure it's not a universal problem so there must be some reason for it to be occurring.

I am completely open to any ideas, suggestions, anything that people might have to offer because I have no clue how this can persist even on a clean install of the game. And please, let me know if you guys are building customer loyalty when running a community lot business with the bandatron!

ETA: Money is taken from the customer and earned by the business though, and this is reflected in the money tab of the business. Also, stars with +/- appear above the customer's head as they normally would when gaining/losing loyalty, but none are actually gained or lost. Let me know if you need any other info and thanks in advance for any help!
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#2 19-04-2020 
Hi, @TheDarkLady,

Since most Sims2 related bugs, crashes, and other issues nowadays involve graphics cards, I've moved your thread to a morte appropriate location.
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