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Hey folks!

I recently moved my game (Sims 2 Ultimate Collection) from my SSD to my HDD, and then back. I did this because I learned that I could move it, but quickly realized that my SSD runs smoother (which I should have anticipated, but I was thinking "well, the game used to work fine in my old HDD a decade ago...")

I'm on windows 10 (and for the sake of being clear right from the get-go, I'm using an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB graphics card, Radeon R5 processor, 16GB RAM)

A year or so back I had this same problem, and I've tried every solution I recall using previously, and googled this to death. I'm obviously missing something, but not sure what.

The game crashes:
1. After a few hours of gameplay and household switches
2. When loading certain households (but not the same ones each time)
3. When loading CAS (but not every single time)

I also occasionally get pink flashing.

I've used the 4GB patch, I use only 1 CPU core and run the game in windowed mode, I use razer cortex, I've updated the graphics rules (with graphics rules maker first, then manually changed things for bodyshop and texture memory). My cache are empty and set to read-only (my accessory.cache always slowly increases and usually I delete it when it gets higher, but right now it's at 45 and the other day it was at 31; groups.cache is at 0.)

What have I missed?

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For pink flashing try what Episims describes here, especially steps 1 and 2.


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