Sudden random crash: not graphic issue (I think)
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Hello there!

I wrote in the past about crashing due to graphic issues: just to let you know, I have a windows 10 pc + nvidia geforce gtx1050 ti, which means, unplayable. I accepted that and went on using the integrated card (a Intel® UHD Graphics 630), not perfect graphic but did not have too much crashing problems normally. Sometimes texture memory runs out and things become pink and then crashes: it is normal but it seldom happened and after long game sessions.

From yesterday a different scenary: I enter the game and after 20-30 minutes or less, suddenly it crashes. And it seems that the time before every crash is less every time (maybe it was a coincidence, don't know). I had downloded new custom content, so I tried to delete it, but the problem continues. It happens in differet lots, in build/buy mode or live mod, with different families, in different sub-hoods (like univeristy or commercial hoods), so I cannot imagine that it can be a piece of cc.

Does anyone of you have any idea?
I attach my config log and also the exeption file generated after the last crash, hoping somene can recognize the problem...I want to be honest: here in Italy we are at closed at home and do not know when we'll be able to exit, if I cannot even play my favourite game I think I will go crazy!!!!! Big Grin

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Hi again, @eegee91,

How are you holding up over there? I hope you haven't lost AND aren't going to lose any family or friends to this virus.

Alas, I have no idea what to do with Exception logs, and your config-log just looks absolutely fine. I'm sure it's not any configuration issue - although I still worry about running out of memory.
Actually, it CAN be a piece of CC, and it's most likely that that is indeed the problem. If one of the pieces of CC was a bad hairdo or an outfit, then it is possible that the game crashes at the point where one of the townies tries to enter the lot you're currently playing, while wearing that item. And because such townie visits are random and unpredictable, that means it can happen anywhere at any time.

So I would say that you should make sure to get rid of all the new CC, and maybe go back to the last backup (I hope you have one) from before you installed that CC, and then see if your game will run normally again. Otherwise, I fear you need help from someone with better knowledge and skills than I have to offer.

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Hello and thank you for your reply!
I am quite lucky because I live in Sicily and here the situation is not as desperate as in northern Italy, so I am fine and my family too, thanks God.

I think that the crash issue cannot be an outfit or an hairdo, because it happens also in build and buy mode (which is very strange as normally the texture memory crashes did not happen in buy mode). It should be a piece of furniture, but I wonder if it can cause crashing if you are not using it in one lot. Do you know if it is possible that a custom object crashes the game if you are not using it?
I thought it can be a mode, but I did not download any mod recently.

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Hi @eegee91,

I hope you'll forgive me my audacity, but I've edited your post to remove your quote of my reply. People could read my reply directly above your post, so a quote was not really necessary Smile
I'm glad to read that you and yours are safe.

Yeah, that is a good point that you're making; hairs and outfits would not cause trouble in build & buy modes. But furniture could indeed do that, even if they're not used. You merely have to open the catalogue page where the broken furniture shows, and then BAM... there goes the game into crash mode! But in that case the game should not crash while actually playing a house where the broken object is not used.

A mod could cause crashes, but it is not likely during build & buy modes. And if you didn't get any new mods recently, I would rule out that possibility too!

So this is getting rather problematic. I cannot think of any good reason for crashes that would happen on EVERY lot in live mode, AND in build & buy mode. I'm sorry.

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After some days of impossibile playing, caused by not specified issue, I tried once more some days ago, and for no reason, the game now works, not perfectly but as before (with texture memory crashing after long or especially heavy sessions)... I wonder if it can be some windows 10 update that I did not do and that now I have done...
The Sims 2 + windows 10 is always a mistery!

Anyway, thank you for your help Smile


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