I've had it; I'm resigning
#1 01-05-2020 
Hi everyone,

Basta! Finito! This is it. I'm not going to try to help people with their problems running TS2 anymore.

1. The more updates are released for Win10, the harder it gets. And seeing as I don't use Win10, it's getting harder for me to keep up with all the issues.
2. Against any advise NOT to use GRM - ESPECIALLY on Win10 systems - everybody keeps doing it. And when things break as a result, they come here.
3. More and more people just ignore anything you say - not only regarding GRM - and do whatever the hell they please instead... With little success, I might add.
4. Then, there are people that counter every advice that you give. You tell people to keep the different resolution settings different? Sure thing, next person tells them to make them all the same again, ignoring the fact that it serves no purpose at all, and robs the game of an opportunity to run at a safe, reliable default resolutiuon, thereby making sure that the game has no other options but to crash.

I don't want to do this anymore. My blood pressure is high enough as it is. I can't take this anymore. I'm done!

I'll remain in my own corner, offering support for my mods, but that is it!
Good luck, everyone.

#2 01-05-2020 
Indeed B.O. I totally understand. It is very difficult to explain to some users. Maybe because of language barriers, or lack of confidence with computers. Whatever it may be, it is exhausting and robs the game of it's fun. For me at least.


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