I miss you all <3
#1 17-05-2020 
Hi guys,

I just wanted to say that I miss all of you and I hope you're all doing well with everything that's been going on.

<3 Twi

#2 18-05-2020 
I miss everyone too. We're doing well, hope everyone else is too Heart

#3 18-05-2020 
Still here, still doing the things I do, hoping the same for everyone else. Heart

#4 18-05-2020 
I'm still around too Smile Miss you all!

#5 19-05-2020 
Around, too! I'm just hiding between two sea anemones, in this pond... I'm observing the rest of you... Smile

Sending love, as well, to you all!

#6 20-05-2020 
If you missed me, then you need to work on your aim quite a bit!

I kid, I kid. Stay safe, and don't buy Chinese junk! Tongue

#7 20-05-2020 

We had Moo Shu Pork for dinner (our local Chinese place just reopened, and we wanted to show our support)
It was delicious! Celebrate

Anyway... I'm still here too. Just waiting for the world to right itself. Dodgy

BTW - That |^| was our dear daughter's favorite joke for a loooong time. She would tell complete strangers - who reacted just about like the couple in the canoe do. (Boy, I'm glad that phase is over!) LOL!

...this to shall pass. I hope.

#8 20-05-2020 
(20-05-2020 04:31 AM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  *sigh*
Keep that up and I'll start telling that joke over and over and over and over.... Tongue

(And you know that I mean all the "Made in China" stuff! A Chinese restaurant that's owned in the USA is still an American business...which is why I'm still getting Beijing Beef from the drive-through at our local Panda Express! Wink )

#9 22-05-2020 
I'm getting a bit stir crazy and tired of being stuck in the apartment, but otherwise doing pretty well!

#10 23-05-2020 
I am lucky enough to still have my job and it is one where I can work from home. Additionally, I have a great partner who puts up with me when maybe nobody else would Smile.

We are keeping busy finishing off things around the house, lots of painting and sanding.

We live in one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands with 3 interconnected parks within 5 minutes walk of our house.

I cannot complain, though I do miss my friends, I see that I am very fortunate really.


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