Sims 2 UC & CEP etc
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@hebelkau, what you aren't getting, is that I did NOT attack you. Nobody expects you to know everything or to setup another person's computer, and I was not questioning the wisdom of following a turtorial. I merely asked you for some links IF YOU HAD THEM. You don't! You cannot even point a few out for the most common problems that you know of, because - as you just said yourself - you don't play TS2 under Win 10 and know nothing about Win 10.
I also know nothing about Win 10, and that is the reason why I didn't butt in before, either. So why are YOU trying so hard??

As for the date: todays date is 15-08-2020, and the date of the last post before you came in, is 02-06-2020, more than two months ago. We call that an old thread. If the original poster had more to say, or someone actually had a really helpful tip, then we wouldn't mind them opening the thread again. But you actually had NOTHING AT ALL except some general platitudes! And THAT is the only thing I wanted to point out. And now you keep coming back for more... do you WANT to get banned?

As I said earlier, in my first post to you I didn't attack you, because there was no reason to be mad or something. But if you keep trying to put words in my mouth in an attempt to make me look like the bad guy...

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@BoilingOil was simply asking you to upload a link, if you have one. He wasn't "jumping" you at all. I live in the U.S, and have trouble sometimes with Europeans, who have English as a second language. You have to read what he means, not always what he says. At times, I have to think about what BoilingOil might mean, before I respond. I also think this is true with most Europeans, and I'm sure it works both ways. I'm sure they sometimes, have as much trouble understanding what we mean, also. Be patient. BoilingOil is a real, stand up Dude. Smile

If we are to avoid arguments, and misunderstandings, then we must ALWAYS give the other "The benefit of the doubt", until proven otherwise.

LeeFish, has a unique "vibe" to it, unlike any other website I've been on. Most people here are extraordinarily, patient, and tolerant. It's the ONLY way LeeFish, is going to work, and most people here, know that. Smile

Anyone who doesn't have some understanding on how things work here, don't stay long. It's hard enough to have good communication with others of different cultures, add the fact that our communication isn't person-to-person, and it's a minor miracle LeeFish works at all. If you have any issues understanding our "unwritten" rules here, simply say so. ANY of us would be eager to jump in and help you out, anytime. Big Grin

Have a GREAT day, my friend.
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