Vita - 4 gb patch not working.
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Specs: HP Desktop, Windows 10, using all original TS2 games and EP's to MG.

I have tried a variety of things and can't quite get to the finish line.

This is the closest I've gotten:
Memory: 4096MB
Free memory: 3016MB

However, I discovered my Graphics Rule Maker folder was now missing.

So I tried this:

1) Copying the Sims2EP9 application from my Windows 7 computer,
2) then deleting the Sims2EP9 app from my new Windows 10 computer, and
3) pasting the old one to the new one.

4) Uninstalling Graphic Rules Maker
5) Then installing your "George" Graphic Rules Maker.

Run the game.

Now I get the 4096 MB, but less free memory: 2824. (see attached log txt)

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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.txt  DESKTOP-6OB1DP0-config-log.txt (Size: 9.34 KB / Downloads: 382)

#2 22-06-2020 
DON'T look at the free memory report! Of course, you NEVER get all of the 4096MB as free memory. Windows uses a part of the memory you have, and other programs too.
That's why you have a swapfile/virtual memory. If the logfile at least reports 4096MB or more TOTAL memory (real memory OR virtual memory in the swapfile), you should be good to go, regardless of the amount of free memory reported.

And you should not be using GRM. And even if you do, after using it, as soon as the game works, you should never need GRM again, so what does it matter if it disappears? It has already done its job! Uninstall it and never put it back.

Also, WHY are you posting in the thread of someone else? I've now moved your post to a new thread.

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BoilingOil, thank you sooo much for answering! I have been hesitant to start playing again even though it loads up fine, everywhere I looked (various YouTube video and at least a dozen sites), the instructions said the total memory and the free memory should be 4096GB after adding the 4GB Patch, or I'd have all kinds problems.

And thank you for the tip about GRM. As I said I did have more free memory (3016) than when the GRM folder was still installed.

Btw, I didn't know to not to post on that other thread; the topic seemed the same so I had hoped Celebkiriedhel might still be dropping in and could answer. Thank you for clarifying this.

Again, I appreciate your help a great deal. Tomorrow I'll start slowly adding custom cc to downloads, so fingers crossed it won't be too much.

~Vita Smile

#4 22-06-2020 
Hi @Vita,

The free memory can only amount to 4096MB if your REAL total memory is more than 4096MB. Which I suppose it is not in your machine.

It's actually more like we *prefer* it if people each keep to their own thread with their problems, just so everyone knows whom we're talking to in each thread. It is no problem to post in another person's thread if you have a solution for them, though.
And sadly, Celebkiriedhel doesn't come around as often anymore. Sometimes she drops in for a second... but by far not often enough for any of us.

I'm glad to help as much as I can (which is not much, actually), because I know how painful it is not to be able to play your favorite games. I've just re-started enjoying TS2 myself again...

Good luck with your game.

#5 23-06-2020 
I KNOW I sound like a broken recording BUT....... I play TS2 every day. I've had the SAME load of TS2 on some of my computers, for four years. I have zero issues running my game on a daily basis. @BoilingOil plays probably daily also with no issues. Why?

We both have computers with two things in common. We have computers with dGPU, and we BOTH run Win7.

Once again..... Save a few Euro's/Dollars/Pounds, and get an older laptop with dGPU, and Win7, if you want to play TS2 reliably.

#6 24-06-2020 
@Kunder, my friend, don't forget the ample system memory. That makes life very comfortable. My config-log file actually does say:
Log generated on 6/23/2020, 18:57

=== Application info ===
Name:            The Sims 2 EP9
Build:           ReleaseSRT
=== Machine info ===
OS version:      Windows NT 6.0
CPU:             4771.199707Mhz, Name:GenuineIntel, FPU:1, MMX:1
Memory:          4096MB
Free memory:     4096MB
User:            BoilingOil
Computer:        MONSTER

@Vita, did you see the amount of free memory there? That's because I have 16GB of system RAM available. After loading both windows AND the game, there is still more than 4GB available, but the game with the 4GB patch can see (and use) no more than 4GB. Without the patch, that would be a lot less.

I've even been so bold as to completely disable the swapfile. With my 1.5TB of SSD disk space, I could afford to have a huge swapfile to make things even better. But on the other hand, SSD has a limited life expectancy; the more often you write to it, the sooner it will fail. A swapfile may be written to quite often, so I chose not to have one!

#7 24-06-2020 

True. I run without a SwapFile also, and have 32gb/RAM, and the 4gb patch installed. I find sims 2 runs better without a SwapFile. At least with my setup.

Did you re-direct your personal folders, TEMP/TMP files, and Downloads folder to another drive? These are also SSD expensive.

#8 24-06-2020 
@Kunder, to answer your question... I have exactly two drives, a 500GB SSD C:/ drive, and a 1TB SSD E:/ drive. So, do you see what's happening there?
I have all my games installed on the E:/ drive. and the data mostly on the C:/ drive

Anyway, I have the feeling that EVERYTHING - not just TS2 - runs better without the swapfile. Even on my system with 'only' 16GB RAM. Okay, I admit, the bigger games will occasionally space out on me and crash. But I can live with that. It's the price of having no more than 16GB available. I wouldn't recommend a swapfile-free installation for 8Gb or less systems.

#9 24-06-2020 

Agreed. Have you considered installing a cheap, 500gb HDD as an F: drive? You can direct all your TEMP/TMP, and Downloads there. It'll save wear and tear, on your SSD's.

I have 2, 1tb SSD's (C, and D drives), and a 480gb M.2 drive (E: ). I use the E: drive for sending TEMP/TMP, Downloads, and all personal files EXCEPT for "Documents". That stays on my C: drive. I also keep my original, and latest image on it. Saves R/W cycles on my more expensive 860 EVO drives. Just a thought.

#10 24-06-2020 
@Kunder, you're right. It is worth considering to have a cheap mechanical drive for the most common R/W folders. I'd love to keep my system as fast and quiet as it is, but to go out of my way to keep it like that, all the while risking its health, isn't smart.

But I must say, I think these EVO drives you mentioned are not all that expensive, really.
I usually gladly pay €150 for a 1TB SSD drive, feeling that I struck a good deal. And considering the brand, I'd say they're worth every penny, even if I had to replace them every year.


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