Non-Sims - What "Netbook" to buy...
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PM me your budget.

Which ThinkPad did you get for hubby?
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(11-07-2020 08:31 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  OK - he just got a T430S from Overstock. Refurbished, with W10 Pro and an SSD, for $263.
I won't know the exact budget until his think pad comes in and we know it works...

Less expensive is always desirable. HOWEVER, top priority is a good capable machine - one that will last - and that can handle playing TS2 with as much build/deco CC as possible. I will ONLY be playing TS2 on this machine; it will not go on-line. I live by my Granny's old addage, "Quality counts." And I know sometimes you have to pay a bit more to get what you need.

I have all the EPs/SPs discs, and I have the UC (I can go either way for installation) ...and I have George Wink
I don't really care so much what my sims look like - I don't have a lot of clothes/hair CC (and none of that is high poly) BUT my build and deco CC... - some of it is really high poly (nice and smooth!) And I'd like to add more scenery items like sky boxes and pretty water...

I'll PM you with budget figures as soon as I have it pinned down. Hubsters new deal won't arrive until the 21st or so; so nothing will be definite until we're sure that works (and costs for that project are officially done.)


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