Skintone selection behaviour mod
#1 13-07-2020 
Hi everyone! Hope everyone is managing during this terrible time... I have yet another weird/impossible/dumb query?? I geneticised my skintones using rikkulidea's tutorial on LJ, and I ended up with like 9 different 'races' on the scale spectrum. For example:

Humans are 0.1 to 0.99
Colours are 1.0 to 1.99
Grayscale are 2.0 to 2.99
etc etc... and down the line is Furry 8.0 to 8.99

So normal rules work on light to dark for humans so mixed couples can have their mixed race babies for example, and for the colours they're coded so a 'yellowsim on 1.48' with a 'redsim on 1.11' can have an 'orangebaby on 1.26'. So each race has a general working spectrum within it's number range. Grayscale range is white-greys-black, which works like the humans, light to dark gene rules.

The problem I have is when interbreeding occurs across the ranges. So if a human sim bangs it out with a furry sim, the kid could possibly come out blue because 'colours' fall between 'human' and 'furry' on the number spectrum. I don't want my African queen lady and her hot wolf dude to have a blue kid, the kid should be specifically African or wolf, nothing in between. Does that make sense? I've set the colour schemes to work as logically as possible within ranges, but crossing ranges is were it falls apart.

rio-sims on tumblr figured out how to make custom colour hair inheritable and I never thought that possible but here it is, so could a mod be possible for this idea? (I did contact Rio but they didn't know). I looked but I cannot find an answer, maybe I am not explaining/searching it properly. I'm very sorry if this is an unnecessary or repeated question, but smarter skintone selection between the number ranges on the scale would be fantastic. Basically having coexisting ranges while limiting interbred babies to only their parents skintones. Does anyone know anything about this??

Thank you, guys Smile

#2 13-07-2020 
I think it might be helpful if, instead of -- or even in addition to -- just describing "rikkulidea's tutorial on LJ", you would give us a LINK to that tutorial, so we can see what's going on. And the same goes for "rio-sims on tumblr"; LINKS make it so much easier for people to look stuff up.

If you want us to help you, please give us as much information as possible so we don't have go search for it all.

#3 13-07-2020 
Hi BO! Apologies, I didn't want to spam the site or such. for geneticising skins, and for Rio's. I don't think they'd be of much help though, I don't know though?? Might just be entirely impossible altogether. I know I could stick with 0-dominant skin tones for non-humans but I'd like my fantasy sims to breed on a scale the way human sims do, and I did code it that way via rikkulidea's tutorial, I just realised I can only actually have 1 functioning spectrum at a time because if they crossbreed over ranges the kid comes out a totally illogical colour. I'd hate to limit my sims partner choices that way, and changing the baby skintones manually takes all the fun out of breeding sims and seeing what pops out. Apologies once again, I get very obsessed with sim genetics. Let me know if this is an inane idea and I'll shut the pie hole.

#4 13-07-2020 
Yeah, it's totally possible that it won't help anyone. That risk always exists. But it's best to let the helpful people decide for themselves if these articles help them.

And there's always a way to prevent spamming... For example, if you had written the original text this way:
I geneticised my skintones using [url=]rikkulidea's tutorial on LJ[/url]

It would've come out like this: ---> I geneticised my skintones using rikkulidea's tutorial on LJ

That way, there is no visible spam, but people can click the colored text to see what you're talking about Smile

And of course, the same goes for
[url=]rio-sims on tumblr[/url]  figured out how to make custom colour hair inheritable

would look like: ---> rio-sims on tumblr figured out how to make custom colour hair inheritable

So, now you've seen how that works, too.

#5 13-07-2020 
Ah, I had no idea how to do that, now I do. Thanks so much for the correction, BO Flower

#6 13-07-2020 
Yup, and I and all others have something to look at, to see if we can figure out a way for you to have some 'inter-racial' couples have one-or-the-other skins, while other couples can have mixed skins. I hope some help will come for you soon. Good luck Smile

#7 13-07-2020 
Thanks so much, BO, and anyone else that could help <3

#8 16-07-2020 
It's possible that the correlated skins might be what you want?


Sorry, that is a members only option