Crashing when creating Magic
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My game keeps crashing when i'm loading a fresh neighbourhood - this is a fresh install. It worked at first, so I added the clean neighbourhood templates and some mods. Then it started crashing, so I removed them all to add them one-by-one, to see which was causing the problem. But it's still crashing, even without any mods or neighbourhood downloads (I restored all of the templates backed up).

Sorry if this is in the wrong section - I'm not entirely sure it's a graphics issue, but this seemed like the best area to ask for help.

It usually crashes either at "Pets" or "Magic".

Thanks in advance for any help!

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#2 15-07-2020 
No, this is not a graphics issue. You got at least that much right!

Alas, under the current circumstances, nobody here can help you (yet). First of all, there are multiple people who have published their own versions of what THEY called "clean neighborhoods", so your "the clean neighborhood templates" means NOTHING to us. Be more specific which ones, with a link where you got them from.
Also "and some mods" is the vaguest way to describe what you've been doing. Any of those mods could be involved in your problem (or not), and we would have no clue because we don't know WHICH mods they are. Be clear and specific, give us as much information as possible, ANYTHING that might be relevant!

If we have all the relevant information, maybe one of us may be able to help you figure out what went wrong.

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Ah, apologies - on the simblr community, I'm only aware of meetme2theriver's premade neighbourhoods. Those are the ones I've used.

As for the mods, I went with your basic Sim Blender, JM Pescado's Directors Cut, the notownierespawn / nodormierespawn / etc, ffs debugger, and the diagonal rug fix.

Thanks so much for being patient with me, if there's anything else i can do to help please let me know Smile

#4 15-07-2020 
Hi @ukurtlele,

For now, I think this will do. If anyone here knows about this stuff, I hope they'll come forward.
Personally, I think that the best way to start, would be to uninstall the entire game, clean the registry, and install anew. But don't just do that immediately yet, unless you have nothing better to do. Perhaps someone else has a better idea that is less work.
Oh, and in the meantime -- while waiting for someone knowledgeable and helpful to come around -- be sure to read any documentation that came with the Director's Cut, because I'm sure there are a number of mods in there that should NOT be used together. And such conflicting mods can cause all kinds of trouble, although I'm not sure that they would interfere with setting up a new 'hood. Anyway, if such conflicts are mentioned, make sure to choose which mods you will want, and which not. That will save you some work once you get to actually reinstall.

#5 16-07-2020 
Did you delete the cache after removing mods? And are the mods you have compatible with your game version? And I am going to disagree with BO about the directors cut, and I believe they are all compatible with each other.

I'd suggest repair via Origin and start the game prior to installing the clean templates. Then posting your config log as well as your dxdiag.


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