Twins, and what to call them...
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Twins don't happen often in my game, thank the Universal Powers of Creation, but they do happen occasionally.
When I get twin girls, I'll be looking for girls' names that are related to each other in some way. For example: Anna and Bella, because together they'd be Annabelle; Lisa and Lotte, because together they form Liselotte; Ellie and Betty, because they're both short for Elizabeth... etc.

Boys... I have no clue what I would call twin boys. Bert and Ernie, maybe. Rofl

But boy/girl combos... ah, that's different. The first time that happened to me, the person giving birth was "Zack Shack".

A bit about Zack's background: he was a romance sim, and I played him like he was dumber than a box full of rocks. His only interest was getting laid a lot, with anyone he saw, regardless how they felt about it. Some day, out of the blue, a baby had been left at his doorstep, and Zack saw little recourse but to care for the tyke, which he called Zachary.
Then a romance female, Vaula Holm, appeared and Zack managed to get her to woohoo with him. Vaula decided to stay and help him take care of little Zachary.
Vaula got pregnant if you so much as LOOKED at her, and Zack couldn't stop looking. Before long, Vaula had given birth five times. And every time she gave birth, it happened just after Zack had rolled the fear of having another child.
So Zack was in aspiration distress a lot!

I will spare you further details, but at some point Zack ended up pregnant, and he gave birth to twins: a boy and a girl. That was the event that caused the Therapist to show up for Zack for the sixth time or so... Anyway, with Zack being played with the brains of a cannoli and an absent imagination, he ended up naming the kids Babe (f) and Dude (m).

Now, I can't name every boy/girl combo "Babe and Dude" of course, so I need more options.
John and Jane (for Doe) have been done. Jack and Rose (for the Titanic) have been done. Jack and Jill... damn, is there a cliché worse than Jack and Jill?

So when recently Dina Tennyson (nee Caliente) gave birth to a boy and a girl, I named them Jack and Diane (for the ditty).
But now I'm looking for other fun suggestions... Anyone?

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LOL! That's a whole lotta jack...
Off the top of my head - here's a few you might like?
in/out - translated to the language of your choice, yin/yang, Jean/Genie, Robert/Roberta, Jan/Dean, Victor/Victoria, PC/Mac, Hansel/Gretel, Hazel/Nut, Billy/Willie, Yo/Gurt, Pat/Pat, Frick/Frack, Bret/Brett, ...or there's always George. Rolleyes
Good luck Tongue

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@CatherineTCJD: Thanks, Cat!

Hazel & Nut made me chuckle! It's not what I had in mind, but they are certainly going to be used once! Not sure about Yo & Gurt, though...
For Billy & Willie, I think I'd rather use Willie and Nilly...

For boy/girl combos, I was actually looking more for duos such as Romeo and Juliet, Charles and Diana, Kate and Leopold; references to books or movies, famous couples, stereotypes, clichés that I haven't thought of yet, but which make people think "I heard those before." In that vain, I like Jan & Dean, Victor & Victoria or Hansel & Gretel. Those are exactly the sort of things I'm looking for to name boy/girl combos. Things that remind of famous couples, real or fictional. But also things such as Aretha and Franklin. Rofl

The other combos are interesting as well, but would not fit my preferred boy/girl naming model. I may still use them, though, because I like the thought that went into them. Probably with the exception of Pat/Pat... because that gets confusing for any pair of twins. I will put my sims through hell before I do such horrible stuff to them. Rofl

And I think I've found my thing for boys now: Paul and Simon; Sean and Connor; Dick and Clark... you go on and name more...

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Billy and Willie - I know an actual couple (m/f married) with those names; though I did almost put Willy/Nilly on the list instead.
Hazel/Nut - I'm glad you chuckled at that Wink
You might also like: Bonnie/Clyde, Donald/Daisy, Mickey/Minnie, John/Yoko, Paul/Linda, Sally/Harry, Brad/Angie, Lance/Gwen -or- Art/Gwen, Catherine/Heathcliff, Scarlet/Rhett, Johnny/June, Sonny/Cher, Ozzy/Harriet, Archie/Edith, Sid/Nancy, Donny/Marie, Tristan/Iseult, Ron/Hermione, Eowyn/Faramir, Adam/Eve...

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Yowzah! That's the stuff!

I would probably change Iseult to Isolde, and Angie to Angelina, but otherwise, there are some great ones in there. Archie and Edith is cool, but I think I would reserve those for when I create an elder couple in CAS. I would not do that to a couple of babies. But Harry & Sally, and the Ducks work for me. And I absolutely Heart love Heart Eowyn & Faramir! That kind of stuff is exactly what I was hoping to see.

Thank you so much for those, Cat. If you ever come up with more, keep 'm coming!

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This makes me think of a really bad joke.

A nine month pregnant woman expecting twins gets into a horrible accident. Her children are safely delivered but she goes into a coma. When she wakes up, the first thing she asks "Where are my children?!"

"They are alright mam," the nurse calmly explains to her. "You had a baby girl and son. They are with your brother and are doing great."

"Oh no," the woman says. "My brother is an idiot. What did he name them?"

"Well he named your daughter Denise," the nurse starts.

"That's really pretty!" the woman says surprised. "What did he name my son?"


#7 11-05-2021 
Hi @sarahsmiles,

Hahaha, that is absolutely hilarious! I would never use that as a serious suggestion, but it had me roaring with laughter.


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