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#1 07-08-2020 
So my game has been crashing with "Application will now terminate" errors for about two days now, after a big downloading binge. After removing most of my recent downloads (including all of my recent Pandora Sims downloads) from my Downloads and isolating them in a separate folder on my Desktop, I got the game to stop crashing a few seconds after picking a household and playing them...or at least I got to play Mindy Pugiless (one of my older households, a former bully and lifelong Sports enthusiast presently employed as a Coach, now living alone in a beach house post-University). I puttered around with Mindy for about ten minutes (well past the previous "crash point" of three to ten seconds), even rekindling her longstanding grievance with Mortimer Goth after the latter kicked over her trash can yet again...

[Image: CleanInstaller-MindyVsMort.jpg]

(...and then Mort went into Mindy's beach house and ate the rest of Mindy's dinner, because Sims aren't very good at staying out of houses where they're expressly unwelcome...)

[Image: CleanInstaller-MortEatsMindysFood.jpg]

And I noticed that Mindy's kitchen had no trash compactor, so I opened up the Large Appliance menu, bought a new trash compactor, immediately disliked it, sold it and bought her another trash compactor, all without incident. But then she had a couple of visitors over, and I went to the Plumbing menu to buy her her very first hot tub. But as soon as I opened the Hot Tubs menu, that's when the game errored out and crashed again.

So then I figured out that I had forgotten to isolate the "Hotter Hot Tubs" goodies that I had also downloaded during that downloading spree. So I did just that, then ran the game again, opened Pleasantview, opened Bluewater Village and opened Mindy's house again. This time, I was able to open the Hot Tubs menu, but when I clicked on a hot tub in that menu (specifically, Parsimonious' Souk in the Bath elevated hot tub, which ocelotekatl may find fitting... Wink ), the game errored and crashed again.

So I finally decided to run Clean Installer, which I hadn't touched in about five or six years (or whenever it was that was maybe half a year before Mootilda died). And it came up with some questionable readings. So, questions about those readings:

[Image: CleanInstaller-Pink.jpg]

1) What does pink mean? I'm assuming that pink equals "not good".

[Image: CleanInstaller-Red.jpg]

2) What does red mean? I'm assuming that red equals "worse than pink". Confused

That's it for now. Thanks in advance! Smile
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#2 07-08-2020 
I'm trying to access the old sims2pack site that had information about everything, as I don't see it in the new upload by Moo. I do know red is bad. And I don't think it's something you ever want to install.

#3 07-08-2020 
I always thought 'red' were game modifications. Anything that changes the original coding of the game. They are not bad per se. For instance, the color-enabled and open-underneath stairs all show up as 'red.'

Pinks are duplicates - I think...

You should also run the HCDU - it will tell you if mods conflict with each other (in which case you may need to choose one mod/delete the other; or load one before the other)

You really should run the clean installer whenever you add files to the game. It will help you NOT run into this mess Wink

ETA - From Moo:
* Duplicate hacks are now marked in Pink, rather than Red.

Note: This version highlights (in light blue) BodyShop projects which do not have a Binary Index. These are almost always incomplete BodyShop projects which will not show up in your game. However, there are some default replacements which will be incorrectly flagged, such as Phaenoh_DEFAULT_SocialBunniesRedefined. Therefore, you should be sure to check the flagged packages before removing. Requested by fanseelamb.
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#4 07-08-2020 
Yea, I believe they are game mods. But they can range from simple overrides that won't destroy your game like the stairs, to behavioral mods that override NPCs or not be compatible with your game.

#5 07-08-2020 
Right - What she said ^^^ Wink check them out thoroughly with something like the HCDU. Good luck!

#6 07-08-2020 
Red are hacks, pinks are duplicates Smile

#7 07-08-2020 
I was hoping that the red ones weren't things I'd have to throw out; some of them have proven to be quite useful, like the tropical fruit trees converted from Castaway Stories, or the pictured mod that stops Sims from dropping their entire queue and walking off a driveway even if they just got out of a car and no one's in the car; it's not like the game doesn't automatically check a driveway for Sims standing around on it before allowing a Sim driving a vehicle to pull into that driveway, so why did Maxis add that "Watch Out" action when it's entirely unnecessary? It makes sense to mod the "Watch Out" action out of the game, if only so Sims can immediately repaint the car (if it's a restored junk car), or climb back into it and drive somewhere else (as my vampires often do, so they can cram more fun and action into each night), or invite their date back into the car for some Dream-Date-making WooHoo, or what-have-you.

But the tropical fruit trees do show up on the HCDU, which concerns me. So many of my own created Tropical and Far East vacation lots have those fruit trees, since they're great for snacks on the go (or for pillaging their fruits and taking them home for free and easy Fresh Food points); I'd hate to have to get rid of the fruit trees. But game stability should come first.

#8 08-08-2020 
Not all HCDU conflicts are bad either... sometimes you just have to see what is conflicting with what, and change the load order.

#9 08-08-2020 
As Cat said, they are not all bad, and the only real issue is if your game is crashing or having other oddities. If you want to keep them, it may be worthwhile finding the original upload to see if it's compatible with your game configuration.


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