Flashing blue
#1 15-08-2020 
Had a hard drive and motherboard go bad, so bought a new computer. Of course I have Windows 10. I have the UC installed, and think I finally figured out the CEP files for the program files part. But that is not the problem. I re-downloaded The Tivoli Plantation set by Blakeboy over at MTS. I also got the Kitchen Basic & Shakerlicious kitchen at Buggy's site. In the game, both sets have pieces that show blue in the collection. I can't figure out why -- all required files are there. Also, while building, decorating and/or playing, parts of the picture flash out, showing just a shadow of the bottom floor - no walls or furniture show -- this lasts only a few seconds, but is a pain. My gut tells me this could be a graphics issue, but I don't know how to remedy this. I am not a computer tech nor speak computerese. I looked on the graphic page in the game, but have no idea what to adjust. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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The second issue you have is clipping. Pretty well known issue in the Sims, you just have to turn off "Smooth Edges" in the game settings, that will stop it.

A reason for your CC issue could be that you actually don't have all the required files, like a second master mesh or you deleted colors that are actually the mesh or colors that are all slaved to each other. I would try to download literally every file from those sets and check again. That usually does it for me. Another reason could be that both of those sets are pretty old and don't work with never EPs.

#3 15-08-2020 
@altanna - how are things going on this? Do you still have flashing blue?

#4 15-08-2020 
Hi Catherine. I redownloaded both sets last night and followed hebelkau's advice. Unfortunately some items - not all - still show blue in the collection. I am really bewildered. And hebelkau, thanks, I will try turning odd the smooth edges and cross my fingers! Deb

#5 15-08-2020 
Okay, I am really confused now. I loaded the game to turn off smooth edges as suggested -- however it's not changeable, and neither is the area where "free will" is. Everything else is dark, but smooth edge and free will are are shaded light. I tried clicking on "restore defaults" but this did nothing. I tried to take a picture, but only tne neighborhood shows in the picture. Deb

#6 16-08-2020 
@altanna, the section where "free will" is situated, may only be available when you're actually in a lot, not in neighborhood view. The smooth dges option not being available, suggests that at your current screen resolution within the game, your graphics card isn't capable of supporting that feature. At lower resolutions, it might suddenly open up. Or, if you're playing in windowed mode, maybe switching to fullscreen (or vice cersa) might help.

But for all I know, everything I just told you is hogwash boulderdash. Sometimes and on some computers, the game responds differently than on others.

#7 16-08-2020 
Do you have access to SimPE (and know how to use it?) You can check in SimPE to see if something is repositoried to something else - then you'll know if you're missing a mesh/texture or not. (I have a quick tute about how to do that from Kiri if you need it - I saved it on my tumblr somewhere... Let me know if you need a link) That would help with the flashing blue at least...

#8 16-08-2020 
BoilingOil. you can tell me anything you wish - cause of you, my parents leave babies alone sometimes :-) Also, free will did open up in play mode. and I will show my former roomie what you said about resolution, etc. Thanks so much!

Catherine, no SimPE here, nor do I know how to use it. For Tivoli set, 2 tile coffee table seems to be master, and I have it. For Buggy's Kitchen, I downloaded and installed all files, so I remain bewildered.

#9 16-08-2020 
I don't have SimPE right now either - my main TS2 machine is in the hospital... Or, I'd take a look at those meshes for you. I'm sorry I can't be of any other help right now. I hope you can get it all sorted out though - sooner than later!
I know how frustrating it is to go without simmies for a while Heart

#10 16-08-2020 
@altanna, so you're a user of at least one (or some) of my mods... Cool! Still, I'd prefer to tell you something that's helpful and true. With the "free will" thing, that worked out well, I see. Smile

Enjoy your time here, and happy simming!


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