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While recovering from a recent HD failure Glare ....rebuilding things, sorting, cleaning up old files, etc (you all know the drill *sigh*) - I found these:

2017 Fishmas Day Gifties (...Did we even do a Fishmas Calander in 2017?)
[Image: 01_Christmas2017-Title.jpg]

They were all done - pictures taken, packages zipped, wording ...uh worded *shrug* I just never got them uploaded.
I don't know what happened, or why I forgot about them (sometimes it's good not to remember, I think) Blush
Anywho... Here they are - I hope you can find a use for them Wink

What you get:
A Christmas Stocking recolor with lace appliques
A Christmas Kitty recolor of the EA/painting Mr Badger
And an every day Kitty Picture recolor of the EA/painting Mr Badger

The Kitty artwork is by a fellow Etsy artist, Amber Alexander. Her work can be found here:

A have two more Cat and Bird 'Set' pictures of hers I found (same vintage - 2017) that I'll be putting up at MTS...
x 11

Do what'cha like - just keep 'em FREE ;)

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#5 18-12-2020
Just spotted these and wanted to say 'thanks'. Smile


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