I tried to put a new upload up today... but it didn't work?
#1 17-09-2020 
I tried to put a new upload up today... but it didn't work?
Did I not do it right? Or is there something hinky going on?
Everything looked good in the preview - all the files were the right size (they weren't the first time, Blush but I fixed 'em - so I know that's not the issue.) I hit the 'send to the queue' button and nothing happened.
I haven't posted anything here in several years, so I forget if there is a wait/approval list - If there is a wait/approval list, I am more than happy to wait.
I just want to be sure I did my part correctly.
If I didn't, I'll try again tomorrow.
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Ah, well... there is that
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#2 17-09-2020 
There is a wait approval list yes, and I approved it.

#3 17-09-2020 
Oh! Thank you, Lee Blush I'm sorry, I forgot!
I didn't mean to rush you - I really thought I had done something incorrectly, and was worried.
You are the best! Heart Thank YOU Big Grin

#4 17-09-2020 
I can clean out your queue lee. Wink

#5 17-09-2020 
Hi lunie, a one day delay!!!! I remember some queue times on MTS back in the day, and you and me cleaning up the backlog like the hard hearted swines we weren't.......

#6 18-09-2020 
Ah the good 'ole days...fun times!


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